Jiro Wang Shows that He Is A Good Man

(Jiro turned 30 Years Old)
Sohu Entertainment: 17 Aug 2011

The man confirms his life direction at 30. Jiro Wang, who is turning 30 this year, is unable to fulfill his wish of being married with children by 30 years old. However, he still showed that he was a good man, rejecting his mom's proposal to have children before marriage, and has already thought about designing accessories such as rings and necklaces for his other half in the future. He also did not forget to announce the good news of opening his first clothing store in Shanghai, and explain about Fahrenheit's disbandment.  

Taiwanese idol Jiro Wang (Dadong) specially came to Hong Kong to attend a promotion event for "Taiwan Brands Show", attracting more than 100 fans. The event arranged 7 bodyguards for him, and also invited two pretty models, Chen Jing and Ah Dan, to give him a cake and celebrate his 30th birthday in advance (his birthday is on 24 August). Fans downstage took the initiative to have a mass singing of a birthday song and the mood was very lively.

This birthday, Jiro has already prepared a large gift for himself. Between September and October, he will be opening his own clothing shop in Shanghai. Although this is a joint investment with his friends, he is not worried about falling out over money. While the accounting must be clear, he is not so calculating. When asked if he wants to have a girlfriend, he did not deny it and said that he also wished to have one soon. He has always wished to be married with children by 30 years old; it's a pity that he won't be able to fulfill this wish. He also revealed that not only does his mother press him every year, she even suggested for him to have a child before marriage. But he feels that it is a must to be married first. Jiro, who is currently designing for his own brand, also said that he would want to design accessories such as rings and necklaces for his other half when he has a girlfriend in the future. Does it mean that he would design underwear for his girlfriend? He expressed that he has not thought about or planned to design female underwear, not because he is scared of the awkwardness, but because this kind of design requires expertise. If there is a need in the future, even if it's awkward, he would also break through it.

There will be a fan meeting at Tainan on the 20th of this month, signaling Fahrenheit's first reunion since disbandment. Regarding this, he stressed that Fahrenheit is a brand, and is also a platform for the four of them to do music together, and also have individual works in other areas, so they have never disbanded, and there's no need to disband.


三十而立 是嗎 Man at 30, right?

人家說 三十而立 我也絕得 從個男孩子 蛻變成個 大男人
People say man at 30, I also think that it's a time where a boy becomes a man

有肩膀是必須的 還要更有責任感
Being dependable is a must, also must have responsibility

眼看自己 就即將邁向這個 ~~所謂的而立
Seeing myself about to enter this stage of life

哈哈 還沒進這個圈子時 曾經告訴過自己 三十歲要來個結婚生子 成家立業的
Haha, before entering this industry, I've once told myself that I must get married and have kids at 30, and have a family, good career

看來要往後挪了 sorry阿 老媽 請在等一下喽 畢竟您兒子還有許許多多的遠大志向及夢想要去實現
Seems like I'll have to push it back further, sorry Mom, please wait a little longer, since your son still has many many big dreams and goals to fulfill

This year is really a great year for marriage

大家都搶在2011年結婚 許多許多的朋友 我到是吃了不少喜酒 今天 又聽到了一位
A lot of people want to get married in 2011, many many friends, I've been to many wedding banquets, today, I've just heard from another friend

Really envious and best wishes to them

Wish you two happiness

當然 現在的我也並不孤單 生活中 工作中 那麼多的夥伴 忙碌的每一天
Of course, at the moment I'm not lonely, in life or work, there are many companions, each day is busy

對我來說 就是簡單的幸福
To me, it's the most simple form of happiness

Simple happiness

是每一天 早起的動力
Is my motivation to get up each day

Because tomorrow I'll still have to get up as early to film drama

快去看看 劇本 睡覺去吧
Going to read the script, and go to bed

Waiting for tomorrow's work and challenge and also the simple happiness~~~~~~~~

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Jiro Wang, Star in "Absolute Boyfriend" 

(Old News)

Jiro Wang Confirmed to Star in "Absolute Boyfriend"
In a press conference, Jiro Wang is revealed to take over the main role in "Absolute Boyfriend", replacing Wu Chun.
Jiro Wang will star alongside Goo Hye Sun (of "Boys Before Flowers" fame) in the drama.
In a press conference, Jiro Wang is revealed to take over the main role in "Absolute Boyfriend", replacing Wu Chun. 

Jiro Wang will star alongside Goo Hye Sun (of "Boys Before Flowers" fame) in the drama.

How does Goo Hye Sun feel about Jiro Wang replacing Wu Chun? She politely says, "Wu Chun is quiet and calm, whereas Jiro is very lively. They're completely different,"

In "Absolute Boyfriend", the main character is a customizable robot made to be the 'perfect boyfriend' with a long list of qualities such as good looks, charm, and intelligence. Interviewers wanted Hye Sun to compare Jiro and Wu Chun's physiques, Hye Sun laughs and says, "Because I haven't seen either, I can't possibly compare them now," .

Jiro also diffuses rumors that he doesn't get along with Wu Chun, saying,"We're very good friends, we're not afraid of what the media spreads,".

Are you eagerly waiting to watch "Absolute Boyfriend"?

Filming for the drama has begun and a picture has emerged showing Jiro on top of Hye Sun, practically naked!

For the scene, Jiro wears only a pair of skin-colored safety pants. He shyly says, "The pants don't look too good. They look like diapers, I don't want to be endorsing adult diapers already,"

Hye Sun, who's had directorial experience, says, "If I was the director, I would tell him to cover up a bit,". Too much skin for Hye Sun's comfort?



  Rainie Yang and Jiro Wang in ToGetHer TV Drama
Source: Yes Magazine, Vol. 935 (11 Feb 09) 

Rainie = Momo = House girl

Character too quiet

Last year Rainie was in the drama [Miss No Good] and her character Jiang Xiao Hua was very lively; this year she has another new drama [Together] airing. This character is very different to Rainie's previous roles. Rainie says that this is the most different and most quiet character. Rainie: "In the drama I am called Chen Momo. This character is not like me at all. She is too introverted and doesn't know how to express her emotions unlike me; when she is angry or sad, she will cry to fix the problem but I definitely wouldn't do that; also, I am more lively, she is just sad. The only similarity I have with my character is probably that we both like to stay at home!"

Likes to play with her dog at home

Rainie who admits that she is a house girl, says her idea of "house girl" is different from others! 

Rainie: "When I'm at home, I don't watch cartoons. I love to spend time on the sofa at home then play with my dog. If my dog is asleep, I will wake it up, play with it for a while then let it sleep, then wake it up to play again. Even though I don't like to watch cartoons, I used to watch [Fushigi Yuuki], the story involves travelling between different dimensions, love and fighting. I like watching fantasy and cartoons about things that would be less likely to happen in real life." Rainie this house girl, is indeed very special. We just feel sorry for her dog Yumi that never gets a good sleep!

A slap with left hand

Filming the drama [Together], Rainie said that every scene was unforgettable. However, there was a scene where she "tricked" Da Dong that was especially unforgettable. 

Rainie: "There was a scene where I had to slap Da Dong. When we were rehearsing for it, I was always slapping him with my right hand. However, just before filming, the director told me to use my left hand to slap Da Dong in order to capture his natural emotions. Everyone there knew I was using my left hand but we weren't allowed to tell Da Dong. At the time, I was very nervous because we had never rehearsed using left hand and my left hand had always been very stupid. I was going to say, if we were to NG then the plan would be ruined so there was a lot of pressure on me! In the end when we were filming for real, I really used my left hand to slap him and once the director yelled cut, Da Dong very cutely asked, 'How come you used your left hand?' So I think the director was very smart, testing my reaction but also capturing Da Dong's natural side."

Da Dong doesn't have a temper

Speaking of fellow cast member Da Dong, the first thing Rainie says is that he is more feminine than a girl! The degree of care he puts into his appearance is far greater than hers. 

Rainie: "In this drama, I pretty much don't wear make-up and I'm always wearing a wig. However, Jiro really cares about his looks, always fixing it up and looking in the mirror. Even though this time he was acting as a superstar, I've heard that even when he's not, he is still like that. Once I said to him: 'You love to look good so much, I'm gonna expose you on some variety show!' But in the end he said: 'You don't have to expose me, the whole world already knows.' Even though I was unsuccessul in exposing him, I think that it's good that he doesn't deny it, after all he's not doing anything bad!

"Also, Da Dong gets along very well with others; I haven't had the chance to see him get angry. It's like he doesn't have express that whole range of emotions, he is very peaceful. I really wanna see what he looks like when he's angry!"

Emotional scenes to the point he had no voice

Rainie says that Da Dong has a very good temper, his EQ (emotional quotient) is high; whether this is a good or bad thing, she feels that Da Dong should let go more! However, one time Rainie finally saw Da Dong cry until he had no voice! Rainie: "There was one crying scene that left me very surprised because Da Dong kept saying that he couldn't do crying scenes. There was one scene where his mother cooks a bowl of noodles for him; Da Dong sees the letter his mother has written for him and then sits there crying. From the side, I saw just his back plus sounds of crying and I already cried. Later, the director yelled 'Cut' but Da Dong couldn't stop crying. I've never seen him like that. After yelling 'Cut' he still couldn't stop, I was completely shocked. Because I've never experienced not being able to stop crying after a crying scene, I think he must have been thinking of something very sad at the time."

House guys have their advantages

This Valentine's Day, Rainie will have a new romantic idol drama airing. Rainie who loves work, will be working on Valentine's Day. Talking about her ideal lover, Rainie says that house guys are no problem because she quite likes to stay at home herself. She even said that they were good because they won't go out to get to know other girls and muck around. As long as it's not to the point that he doesn't want to communicate with her, it's all okay! However, Rainie can't really accept home guys that like to cosplay female characters. They can only cosplay male ones!

Rainie: "If he cosplays a girl, I can't accept that but he can cosplay a guy. In fact, I know a few people who like to cosplay but when they aren't cosplaying, they dress quite normally. As long as he is not too much in love with the character, I'm okay with it. My most unforgettable Valentine's Days are all the ones without a Valentine. One year when I was single, we finished work early and then all the single people went out to sing. Drinking a little and singing some sad songs, it was still quite cheerful."

Jiro Wang = Mars = Celebrity going downhill

The most emotional scenes

Now for Da Dong! This time Da Dong's character Zhuang Jun Nan (Mars) is also very different to his previous roles. This time he is acting as an unpopular artist but he is actually very kind. It's just that he entered the entertainment industry very early and enjoyed his success, so he became selfish, proud and didn't know how to treasure things, causing his career to go downhill.

Da Dong: My character is a superstar. Once he meets the house girl, she changes his life and he learns to cherish more. This character has many emotional scenes, lots of crying scenes, making it very hard for me. However, because of these crying scenes, I feel a very big sense of achievement." Da Dong says that this character is mostly unlike him because he is arrogant and selfish. The one thing they do have in common however, is that they work very hard for the benefit of their family. Da Dong: "It doesn't matter whether I'm happy, unhappy or injured. In front of my family, I will always make myself look healthy, happy and lively, hoping that my mum will think that I'm doing great."

Kissing for full five minutes

Everyone knows that Da Dong is a very filial son but they may not know the details about Da Dong and Rainie's kiss scene, let's wait for Da Dong to tell us about it himself! Da Dong: The first kiss scene is at school, I have to force a kiss onto her. I was very nervous when I was filming this, not knowing what to do. Because she has a petite figure, I had to lower my head to kiss her. Slowly getting into that scene, I touched her [lips] a bit. Afterwards she laughed saying, 'You even shake when kissing!'"

Da Dong also said that the director wanted many different angles of the kiss scene so they had to kiss many times, "I was really shy!" 

Da Dong: At the very end there is also a kiss scene, sitting in a boat on the lake. Originally it was meant to be romantic but the director said we should keep kissing as if no-one's watching while the director captured the scene himself. We kept kissing and kissing and kissed for a long time, it was probably five minutes, until we didn't know what we were doing! But the director didn't yell cut so we had no choice but to keep kissing to the point we were kissing and chatting at the same time."

Giving each other nicknames

Ethan Ruan said that when he films kiss scenes, he very easily feels closer to the other person. Da Dong and Rainie have so many "special kisses", their relationship must be pretty good! Da Dong: "Rainie is very professional, dedicated and amazing. She has taken on the role of many different characters and this time actually seeing her act, I think that she can act very well. Before I got to know her, I thought she was lively, carefree and lifts up the mood in a group of people but afterwards, I discovered that when she goes out, she is very quiet. I think she is quite attractive to others, like a little lady." 

Da Dong compliments Rainie non-stop and personally, they even created nicknames for each other. Rainie calls Da Dong "Cha Cong" [叉蔥] while Da Dong calls Rainie "Gu Ji" [姑雞] and even mentioned that when they are acting cute, they'll even put on couple expressions!

Da Dong very much a house guy

In the drama, Da Dong has many emotional scenes while Rainie's body must suffer. There is a scene where Rainie jumps into the water to save him.

Da Dong; Rainie had to keep jumping in for a few hours and even got sick in the end! 

Da Dong: She is willing to make sacrifices for acting. Just like that jumping in the water scene, even though it was cold, as a girl, she still had to keep jumping in."

Da Dong really admires Rainie's professional spirit but Rainie calls herself #1 house girl, so does Da Dong likes house girls? 

Da Dong: "I wouldn't not accept. The two of us staying at home together, we could rent movies to watch. I quite like the feeling of a world with only two people." Also, Rainie doesn't really like people who cosplay but turns out Da Dong really likes to cosplay! 

Da Dong: "Personally I like to collect models/figurines and have also cosplayed before. For example, I've dressed up as visual kei people as well as characters from [天使之烈士], Shota no Sushi [将太の寿司], Mr. Fighting [格鬥天王], The King of Fighters [格鬥天王], etc. I can even make my own costumes, wings, feathers and all.

Da Dong loves surprises!

Whether Da Dong and Rainie are compatible, only they will know first! However Da Dong said that if Rainie was his girlfriend, he would plan a surprise for Valentine's Day! 

Da Dong: "I will give her what she wants. Beforehand I will go shopping with her and ask her what girls like, pretending she's helping me look for a gift for another girl. A few days before Valentine's Day, I will purposely not call her, pretending to distance myself from her. Then on Valentine's Day, just before the day ends I will find her and give her the gift she chose." Da Dong is quite thoughtful and seeing how romantic he is, if he had a lover right now, his Valentine's Day will definitely be as romantic as can be.

Da Dong: "I will first arrange a time with her but then get to her house earlier. Downstairs from her house, I will prepare a very large bouquet of flowers for her. Then carry the flowers and go shopping, letting the whole world know that she has a handsome boyfriend who gives her big bouquets of flowers. Then we'll have a lover's set meal, watch a movie, shop, admire the night scenery and light fireworks!" Da Dong is so romantic, any girl would love him! Rainie shouldn't not want to be [Together] with Da Dong, right!


July 2013


How exciting! Casting call for Chinese action guy to star in Michael Bay’s Transformers 4 to be released in 2014 has Jiro Wang as lead contender. With 260,000 votes, Jiro Wang is in first place and Peter Ho is currently placing fourth.
It is understood that he has already been notified for the second round of interviews. Taiwan fans site his muscular physique as their number one reason for voting him in to the number one spot. Jiro proudly emphasizes that he has an eight pack and not only a six. :)
Transformers is a widely popular robot film in the United States. “Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon,” had sales of more than $145 million in China without any Chinese plot elements. The 4th installment of Transformers will have Chinese elements to capitalize on the vast Chinese market.  The film will be shooting many scenes in Chinese cities.
Chinese star Li Bing Bing has already been cast in the film. It would be awesome to see Jiro in an American film!
Source:  TVBS

According to the online voting poll of the Transformers 4 Talent Search, Jiro has topped the chart for the "action hunk" category, and has received 257,000 votes!  Jiro has also been informed to go through the second round of audition. 

Excited in the possibility of starring in Transformers 4, Jiro said, " I am really looking forward to it. If  I can participate in Transformers 4, my feelings will be like sriking a lottery!"

Besides brushing up his English, the 31 year old also goes to the gym at least 1 hour a day and has built up his 8 pack abs to prepare for his action hunk audition.  

Source: Apple Daily

My Take:  

I just hope that Jiro Wang makes it to Transformers 4.   Though I know that one of the criteria is someone who is conversant in the English language, but Jiro knows how to speak it (maybe not fluently) but given the script, he can deliver well. He has the looks, the charm, the muscles and the body, and he can do fight scenes -- a good chance for him to be taught and trained for action scenes. If he does not get that part, at least he knows that there are a lot of fans supporting him and who knows, maybe other Hollywood producers may include him in their other films.  Jackie Chan may produce films that can include him, too.


Jiro Wang Drops Out of Transformer 4 casting

He won 1st place for the first round and had a good grip on the lead but Jiro has opened up and admitted he has already given up on this project but he still thanks everyone for voting for him and giving him such a great opportunity. 

Jiro, other than this project, hasn't really had any other projects that he has disclosed to the public but after two dramas and three movies, the actor was diagnosed with stomach inflammation, resulting in him needing more rest and eating lighter.

Jiro's hard work has been seen;  many fans are disappointed but they all wish for him to stay healthy first.
Jiro Wang has decided to give up the second round of audition of Transformers 4 He said, "Thank you to everyone who had voted and supported me online. However, I am currently involved in dramas and many filming projects are still not completed, I can't let my personal interest affect the entire filming process and progress. So, I have no choice but to give up on this chance". Based on his message in Weibo.



He may have discontinued his plans of pursuing with the final audition for the Transformers 4 Movie, he still is blessed with projects that he was able to fulfill during the 3rd Quarter of 2013. 

After he has signed up a contract with another artist management agency in Mainland China, his focus now is to accept projects that fit him for his age. That means, no more IDOL image for him, and he will leave that to the younger generations. 

This time as he continues with his dreams of becoming the newest eye catcher for Asian fans, he will be doing projects with a more serious, mature appeal. 

He will do a cameo role in the upcoming remake of The Legend of Condor Heroes which will star Michelle Chen as Xiao Long Nu.  Jiro's character is set to be part of an evil khan division. 

Other than that, he will be working on a new project Pirates of the Chan An. 

My Take: 

I am so excited to see him do other roles and in a different storyline appeal.  But I will be expecting that these projects that he will be doing in China, for TV or Movie, will have a good storyline.  If only he could do movies where he will do more fight scenes and stunts. I am not sure if I would like to see him doing period Chinese movies. I have seen some Chinese movies that were really a BIG FLOP.  I will just cross my fingers for Jiro's Mainland projects that these may keep him in a better status as an actor, or else... poor Jiro Wang.  


As Edward Scissorhands

Rock and Roll with Poker Face



Sept. 09, 2013 Asia Concert Tour in Beijing

Photo: Share pictures from jiro wang weibo (@汪东城TD)

Photo: 分享图片

Photo: 分享图片

Photo: 分享图片

Photo: 分享图片

Photo: 分享图片

Photo: 分享图片

Photo: 分享图片

Jiro Wang concert in Osaka, Japan and Tokyo, Japan

Shows in Taiwan

In Japan

Absolute Boyfriend cast doing Gwiyomi hand movements, 
he is really a good sport.

In one of his gigs in Taiwan

Endorser for American Eagles Outfitters, Hong Kong

Part 1

American Eagles Outfitters, Hong Kong Part 2

American Eagles Outfitters, Hong Kong Part 3


FAHRENHEIT since 2005

Fahrenheit's Bio

Derived from the definition of fahrenheit, each of the four members represents a season or temperature that corresponds with their different personalities.

Calvin Chen represents spring, warm; Jiro Wang represents summer, hot; Wu Zun represents autumn, cool, and lastly, Aaron Yan represents winter, cold. Each of the four members also has his respective temperature represented on the Fahrenheit scale: Calvin Chen is at 77 degrees, Jiro Wang is at 95 degrees, Wu Zun is at 59 degrees, and Aaron Yan is at 41 degrees. 

Wu Zun was born and raised in Brunei for most of his life, later graduating with distinction at RMIT, in Melbourne, Australia. He was introduced to the entertainment industry during a trip to Taiwan. A television producer (Ella Chen's second sister's boyfriend) discovered him during this trip, and recommended him to play the lead male role of Tokyo Juliet, which Wu accepted. 

Aaron Yan moved to New York, USA at a young age but later returned to Taiwan for high school and college, currently attending Chinese Culture University. Around early 2005, Comic producers had been searching for elite bloggers around the web. They discovered Yan, who, at that time, was really popular online, and thus recommended him to go casting for a role in a drama. Yan thought it was a fraud at first, but after several tests, he realized that it was true. 

After Calvin Chen graduated high school in Taiwan, he further pursued his college education in Canada, where he completed his masters degree in Economics at University of Victoria. He then further continued his life in Canada by joining a pageant-like competition (Sunshine Boyz) in Vancouver, where he won first place with a free ticket to Taiwan and a contract with a music company, as well as a role in the drama, where he did a cameo in It Started With A Kiss along with Wu Chun, who was invited by Ariel Lin, because they already knew each other from Tokyo Juliet. 

Jiro Wang graduated in Taiwan's Fu-Shin College. He was first asked to join the entertainment business because of his good looks and singing talent that he showed at a singing competition. Because of company difficulties, he failed to release an album, so therefore decided to continue his career in the industry by working backstage, mainly in charge of fashion designing and other designing necessities, as well as commercial modeling. BMG, the label that signed him, planned to package him with Jay Chou and Jordan Chan to form a boyband called 3J, but because of 9/11, BMG's stocks crashed and the 3J plan was scrapped. He was approached again around 2004, when his acting career began. Although unstable at first, Fahrenheit first gained minor recognition around late 2005 when their first all together series, KO One, was broadcasted on television in Taiwan. Because it felt awkward to have only three members in a boyband, Wu Zun joined the group later in late 2005. 

On December 28, 2005, Fahrenheit officially became a vocal quartet boy band.



Coca Cola Commercial


Stay With You

Ai Dao (Love's Arrived)

Wo Yu Wo De Young 

Heng Sing

Super Hot

Only You 

Touch Your Heart

Love Buffet


Loving You More and More

Sexy Girl

Liu Xia Lai

Only Feel For You

Xia Xue

Xin Li You Shu

Chu Kou

Loving You More and More


Fahrenheit Trivia

Arrival in ABS-CBN Studio

E! Live  with Bianca Gonzales and Toni Gonzaga 1/4




Fans Meet & Greet in the Philippines

Calvin and Wu Chun in ASAP All Star Sunday Noontime Show
singing themesong of Romantic Princess

A.S.A.P  Sunday Show with Anne Curtis and Nikki Gil

Guests in PDA (Pinoy Dream Academy)

One on One Interview

Q: You were able to perform on stage at Pinoy Dream Academy last night. How was the experience?

Chun: The experience? Very exciting but very nervous as well because it's our first TV program in the Philippines. But of course we are very happy that we had this chance to go...

Calvin: And the audience was great. They were so into it.

Q: How does it feel that you're so popular in Asia in just a span of 3 years, which is a big feat, right?

Chun: I think we are lucky, you know, that we got so much support from so many people from around the world, you know. Because we are working very hard of course and we have feedback, which is a great motivation for us.

Calvin: I think because the four of us shoot quite a lot of dramas and our albums. So our dramas can be seen like all over these places, these countries, so we have to thank all the media that made us be seen.

Q: You mentioned that you've done a lot of TV series before, right? Which among the dramas that you've made is the most memorable for you?

Calvin: All of them are memorable.

Q: Is it Romantic Princess, Hana Kimi, Tokyo Juliet, KO One or X-Family?

Chun: I think in all dramas I have really good memories.
Calvin: I think all the dramas are memorable. Each one is unique for us. And we're still learning in every drama. I think even when we shoot the next drama we're still learning 'cause there are lots of things for us to learn.
Chun: Yeah.

Q: How about the leading ladies that you've worked with? Whom are you closest to?

Calvin: Closest to?

Q: Yeah.

Chun: For me I guess...

Q: Is it Ella, Angela or...

Chun: I guess it's Ella because she's from the the same company. And we always meet each other from the start. Even before we filmed Hana Kimi we already knew each other. And then we have a lot of cooperation, like we work together.
Calvin: Yeah. Like to those female leading roles with us, I think we are all friends. But we are all busy most of the time. So like we get very close during the filming, the filming time, but after the filming we might just... We don't have contact with each other...
Chun: Very sad...
Calvin: We're busy but we're still friends.

Q. You both grew up elsewhere. What is it like starting a showbiz career in Taiwan? What adjustments did you have to make since you finished your studies in Australia (to Chun) and Canada (to Calvin)?

Chun: For me because I was born in Brunei and my family lives in Brunei, the adjustments I had to make was like... everytime I go home I feel lonely at the start, you know. Until now I still miss home. I think it's a big adjustment I need to... I still need to adjust my mind.

Q: How about you, Calvin?

Calvin: For this question, most of the artists they will say that they are losing their privacy. But for me I don't want that to be changed too much. I still go out with my friends, even with my female friends, to go out and have dinner. I just don't want to be changed too much. If I care too much, I will lose many, many things. SO I still want to be the original one, original myself. But the other thing is losing time to spend with my family. That is true. Even if I live with my family in Taiwan. I can see them most of the time but whenever I go home, they are already sleeping. And when I go out, they are still sleeping, or when I wake up in the afternoon they have already left for work.

Q: What do you miss most about those countries, like Australia (to Chun) or Canada (to Calvin)? Because you finished your college studies there, right?

Chun: Australia is just... I just went there to study for maybe 5 years. Most of my time is in Brunei. And what I miss most about it is maybe the air! The feelings. Everyday when you wake up you are in your house, with your family. That's very different.
Calvin: You know one thing, the similarity between Australia and Canada is their population and their size. I think it's about the same. So we have the same things to talk about. Whenever he talks about Australia, I talk about Canada. And I'm going back to Canada at the end of August for the SUnshine Boyz contest I was in. And this year I'm gonna be the special guest, with Arron of Fahrenheit. SO that's a good thing, I can go back and look around and breathe the fresh air there, enjoy the sunshine and the beach.

Q: When you're not busy with your TV shows or your album tours, how do you spend your free time?

Chun: Free time...
Calvin: Nothing much. Dine out with friends. Movies. And sit back at home, eating. (Chun makes eating motions with his hands) He eats.

Q: You eat a lot?

Chun: I love to eat because I seldom have time to go to a restaurant and to enjoy.

Q: So since you mentioned yesterday that you're not dating anyone right now, can you just describe to us your ideal girl?

Calvin: The appearance and the look doesn't have to be a certain type. To me what's more important is the feeling, like she cannot be just a girlfriend, she can also be family or a close friend with me, to share everything with me. I can even express my fears and my worries in front of her and I won't feel like it's a shameful thing for me to express my fears.
Chun: Same thing. I think feeling is very important if you want to have a long-term relationship. Both of them trust each other, they are willing to share everything. I think that's the most important thing.
Calvin: And you guys have the same values, to have the same life goals, to work hard together.

Q: Do you have a weird experience with a fan?

Calvin: Most of the time they are sweet.

Q: Weird or funny.

Calvin: The thing that is most troublesome is that they wait downstairs at my place all the time, late at night.

Q: Just to see you.

Calvin: Like one night when I finished work, I was on my way home and it was 12:00 in the morning and she's still waiting there by herself and it's raining! And I said, "Why are you still here? It's late." And she said, "It's okay, my friend, my family will come pick me up later." But I think it's just not good. She makes her family worry and makes me worry.

Q: SO what do you do if she just stays there?

Calvin: If there are fans downstairs at my place, I just tell them "Go home. I won't do anything with you, I won't take pictures with you, I won't give you my autograph." Because if I keep doing that (givng autographs and taking pictures) they will think it's worth it for them to come at my place.

Q: Okay, how about you?

Chun: I think... that's the thing, we hope they can be very safe when they follow us, when they go to our activities. Because we don't want them to do something that's dangerous and makes everybody worry.

Q: Okay last few questions. I'll just throw random questions at you and you can just say whatever comes to your mind. Favorite food?

Calvin: Seafood. What about you?
Chun: Anything but oily meat. Because I love lots of food.

Q: Favorite hobbies? Or sports?

Chun: Basketball.
Calvin: Basketball.

Q: Vacation spot?

Calvin: Any island that has a resort...
Chun: Beach!
Calvin: ...with beach and sunshine.

Q: TV shows?

Chun: Friends.
Calvin: Any action movie.
Chun: TV shows!
Calvin: Any movie! I love movies.

Q: Favorite sleepwear? Boxers, pajamas or briefs?

Calvin: Boxers.
Chun: Yeah.

Q: Shoe size?

Calvin: 10.5

Q: Perfume?

Calvin: Givenchy.
Chun: Guerlain.

Q: Greatest fear?

Chun: Losing someone close to me.
Calvin: I think so...

Q: One thing you can't live without?

Calvin: I will say internet!
Chun: Family?

Q: That's okay. Celebrity crushes?

Chun: Michael Jordan! I have a crush on Michael Jordan! (laughing)

Q: Female!

Chun: Still Michael Jordan! (much laughing)

Q: How about you Calvin?

Calvin: I will say Angelina Jolie.

Q: Are you a homebody or a party animal?

Chun: Homebody.
Calvin: Half and half. It depends.

Q: One thing that people still don't know about you? Like habit or anything...

Calvin: Sometimes I think too much or worry too much, 'cause people see that I seem so objective and outgoing all the time.
Chun: I don't know, I can't think of one.

Q: Okay last one. Any beauty regimen to keep you looking gorgeous as always?

Chun: Drink lots of water, and fruits.
Calvin: Fruits? Be happy, enjoy what I'm doing.

Chun and Calvin: Mabuhay(long live) abs-cbn.com readers! Please keep on watching Romantic Princess!

Guesting on The Buzz (Entertaiment TV News)

Press Conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel


Wu Chun and Calvin Chen visit Manila By Rachelle Siazon

Fresh from Taiwan, Asian superstars Wu Chun and Calvin Chen immediately attended their series of guestings here in the Philippines. Their first stop was Entertainment Live where lots of Pinoy fans welcomed the dashing stars of the hit Taiwanese soap Romantic Princess, which is currently airing on ABS-CBN. Soon after that, they went to a strictly by-invitation press conference where the local media got to know them better.

Among all the Asian heartthrobs who came here in the past, Chun and Calvin were the ones who are most well-informed about Philippines. Indeed, they revealed that this is not their first visit in the country.“I know a lot. Because I run a health club in Brunei and almost 80% of my staff are from the Philippines. That's why I come here every now and then to interview (applicants). And I (have tried) mango ice cream and yema ice cream when I was like 6-years-old. Because there are a lot of Filipinos in Brunei, I get to eat the ice-cream,” said Chun, who was born and raised in Brunei.Calvin on the other hand was able to visit Philippines once for vacation. “I came here like 10 years ago with my family because I know there are so many places in the Philippines which are good for resorts and trips. One of my friends also came here just last week. And I remember when I was a kid the seafood here was pretty nice and very yummy!” he exclaimed.


When asked if they knew that they are very popular among the Filipinos, Calvin replied that they didn’t. In fact, they were quite worried that only a selected few would be waiting for their arrival. Chun further explained, “When we have activities in other countries, sometimes there are fans from the Philippines who write letters for us and say, ‘Hey, come to the Philippines! You have a lot of fans here.’ But we were not sure how many. And now that we’re here, were really happy to see that a lot of people are really supporting our drama. And we thank ABS-CBN and GTN for this opportunity.” To top it all, they also expressed their desire to work with Filipino actresses when given the chance. As for now though, they have a tight schedule due to their upcoming Asian tour with two of the other members of their boy band known as Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit vs. F4 

Since the mention of their group popped up, the press prodded them about being compared to F4 of the hit Taiwanese series MeteorGarden. Both Chun and Calvin refused to say who’s more popular between the two groups these days. Chun even claimed that F4 is “still big in Taiwan” and that both F4 and Fahrenheit have their fair share of supporters. As for being at par with F4, Chun’s opinion on the subject merely emphasized his down-to-earth personality.“I think we still have a lot of things to learn. We are just new. We’ve been in showbiz for just three years. And I think F4 has been in this business for seven years or so. (And besides), we can’t judge this by ourselves. But what's important is that in all our dramas and record albums, we do our very best and hope that we get good results.”

Sing or Act?

Like most actor-singers, Chen and Calvin enjoy the best of both worlds. But their sense of fulfillment doesn't only stem from being able to do what they love to do but also from the priceless experience of meeting their avid fans. “I remember one day I talked to Chun and the other members of Fahrenheit and said, Isnt it w'eird that we have shook so many hands. Like how many people can get this experience in their whole life. To be in this business is really a special experience for me. There is so much love from the fans wherever we go, Calvin gushed.  As for Chun's part, We love both. When we're singing on stage, we're face to face with our audience, to all the fans. And you can get their support and love in a straight and direct way. And when we are being actors, the audience, they start to love you as the character you are acting. So I think (sense of fulfillment) is quite different.

The Real Us 

In Romantic Princess, Calvin is a happy-go-lucky flirt who never had a serious relationship while Chun is cast as the responsible type. Hence, Calvin quickly set the record straight about his personality off cam. “I have to say that I’m not a playboy in real life. I’m outgoing in real life but I’m not a playboy. I don’t fool around between girls. And when I found my true love I will be really serious,” he stressed. Chun on the other hand revealed that he shared lots of similarities with his character in the story. “In the drama, Jin worked very hard for his career and he's willing to leave his family and go on his own. And this kind of direction is what I’m doing right now.”

Still Single

With their drop-dead gorgeous looks, charming smile, and well-built frame, it wouldn't be a surprise if Chun and Calvin are taken. But it seems that even in their late 20's, it would be a long time before they get themselves a steady girlfriend. No time to date. Our company would say, You can have a girlfriend, we don't mind. But you know, with our (hectic schedule), there's no time for us to have a girlfriend at all,” Chun laughingly shared. 

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His princely looks have won him quite a following, first in the chinovela Hana Kimi The Original and now Romantic Princess, both aired on ABS-CBN. In the latter, Wu Chun plays one of the four successors to the owner-manager of a business empire whose granddaughter, played by Angela Zhang, falls head-over-heels for Wu Chun.

Beyond that, not much is known about Wu Chun.

Here’s what Conversations dug up about Wu Chun:

His real name is Goh Kiat Chun, of Chinese descent, born on Oct. 10, 1979 (a Libran), in Brunei, the youngest of three (one sister and one brother). Wu Chun comes from a wealthy family which owns Goh Hock Kee, the distributor of Mitsubishi in Brunei. He stands 5’10”, weighs 160 lbs., with type O blood and lists “actor, singer and model” as his profession.

A Business Administration major from RMIT University in Melbourne, Wu Chun speaks English, Malay (Bruneian) and three Chinese dialects (Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien). He drives a Blue Subaru Impreza Hatchback which he himself customized from the engine to the rims, including the exterior and the interior, with a license plate that bears his birthdate.

He has three tattoos, two around his upper right arm and one on his lower leg. He’s a big fan of Michael Jordan and he even flew to the US purposely to watch Jordan’s last game, with a courtside seat, after which he caught a glimpse of Jordan at his hotel.

“I love food,” he once said. “I love to eat.”

Wu Chun was a model in Singapore before he went to Taiwan where he was asked to play the main character in the Taiwanese drama Tokyo Juliet. Hello, stardom! He later joined the popular Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit, the oldest of the four members who also include Wu Chun’s Romantic Princess co-star Calvin Chen. Prior to joining showbiz, he was a fitness instructor at his own gym, Fitness Zone, in Brunei.

Does Wu Chun really have three children as he was quoted in an interview, one of whom was shown with him in a picture posted on-line? It was a joke. The kid in the picture was his nephew and the “three children” were actually his Fahrenheit co-members whom he treats as “my children,” being younger than he is.

A sad note: Wu Chun lost his mother a few years ago. He’s often seen wearing a necklace with a ring on it; the ring is said to have been given to him by his mother on her deathbed.

Here are excerpts from yesterday’s Conversations with Wu Chun and Calvin Chen (also a member of the Fahrenheit band, along with two other guys) who are here to promote Romantic Princess (watch them today on the ABS-CBN noontime show ASAP 08 and on The Buzz):

What does your name mean in Chinese?

“I have to ask my father. (Laughs) Actually, my full name is Wu Chi Chun but they asked me to drop the ‘Chi’ when I joined showbiz. Chi means fortune and Chun means respect.”

You were born and grew up in Brunei, a very rich country. Did you live like a prince?

(Laughs some more) “No, no, no! Many people have a misunderstanding about Brunei. Yes, Brunei is a very rich country but it’s the King who is very rich. Our family belongs to the middle class. We are okay.”

What was your childhood ambition?

“Kids in Brunei all want to have a business and that was also what I wanted to have — a business of my own. They want to do something related to business. That’s why when I went to Melbourne, I took up Business Administration. After I graduated, I went back to Brunei and opened a health club. I really love challenging myself in the world of business.”

How was it growing up without your mom?

“Actually, I was about 24 when I lost my mom. She was the reason why I entered showbiz. When my mom passed away, I learned a very good lesson — not to be afraid of anything. That’s why I faced the challenge of entering showbiz, something I was very afraid to do before my mom died. I didn’t have confidence in myself. Now, I have self-confidence.”

What are your fond memories of your mom?

“My mom always took good care of me. She always reminded me to be a useful and good person.”

I’m sure she’s very happy that you have turned out to be a useful and good person.

“Yes. I’m sure she is.”

Are you wearing the ring that your mom has given to you?

“No, I’m not.”

Why? Where is it?

“I’m keeping it in a safe because I’m afraid of losing it.”

Having come from a privileged family....

...(Laughs)...”I don’t come from a privileged family...”

But your family is the distributor of Mitsubishi cars in Brunei, isn’t it?

“It’s my uncle who is the distributor. He’s quite rich. My family is more into another business, not really that rich.”

Oh, you’re very humble!

“No. That’s the truth. We are trying hard to make our business a success.”

If not money, what motivates you in your career?

“I think that everything I do now in showbiz is a good experience for me. Whether I succeed or not is not important to me. What’s important is the experience.”

With an uncle who distributes cars, you must be a car-lover.

“Yes, I am.”

Do you race?

“When I was in Melbourne, I did. I had a racing car.”

As a fitness buff, how do you take care of your body?

“Actually, the most important thing is that you must have the heart in whatever you do, including taking care of your health. Whatever you do, wherther working out, you have to put your 100 percent. You must be careful with what you eat. You must have focus; that’s very important.”

Aside from Michael Jordan, do you have any other role model?

“No. Only Michael Jordan. He’s the one who really influenced me. From the time I was a kid, he has influenced me a lot. I admire his attitude toward his game; he’s a good role model not only for me but for anybody.”

What’s your ideal girl?

“Somebody who is very simple, who is willing to share everything with me, somebody who is understanding, somebody who is happy to be with me and with whom I can be happy. Looks is not important. If you want to have a happy, lasting relationship, the feeling is more important than looks.”

Do you want to have a Filipina girlfriend? You still have time to look for one before you fly back to Taipei tomorrow.

“Let me see...Hahahahaha!”

Describe Calvin in three words.

“Very playboy. No, no, no, no, no! That’s a joke. He is clever, hard-working and responsible.”

Up close with Calvin Chen

Also a member of the Fahrenheit band, Calvin Chen’s Chinese name is Chen Yi Ru, born in Taiwan in Nov. 10, 1980 (Scorpion). He’s six-footer, weighs 143 lbs., with type A blood. He finished high school at Jianguo High School (one of the top schools in Taiwan) and college at the Simon Fraser University in Canada, and earned his M.A. in Economics at the University of Victoria.

While in Canada, Calvin competed in Sunshine Boyz, a pageant-like competiton, in Vancouver, emerging a winner. Among his prizes was a free ticket to Taiwan, a contract with a music company and a role in a drama. Currently enrolled at the National Chengchi University in Taipei, taking up Public Finance, Calvin speaks English and two Chinese dialects (Mandarin and Hokkien; he understands conversational Cantonese).

In Romantic Princess, he also plays one of the four successors to a big business empire.

Your Chinese name is Chen Yi Ru. What does it mean?

“Ru means scholar. My mom wants me to study hard. Yi means polite. My mom also wants me to be polite with people.”

How has your life been in Vancouver?

“Good. Very good! I went there when I was 18 and I lived by myself for seven years. I learned to be independent. It made my world wider and bigger.”

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

“I have one sister, two years older than I am. She’s getting married at the end of this year. I’m happy for her.”

What made you live in Vancouver by yourself?

“My dad wanted me to be independent. And I also wanted to be. For half a year, I stayed with my friends and then I lived by myself for more than six years. I was a student. I did everything by myself, including the laundry, cleaning the house, going to the grocery and doing the dishes — and paying all the bills.”

You took up Economics in college. Did you also want to put up your own business?

“If I did not become a model and an actor, I would have ended up in a financial institution, such as one dealing in stocks. Even now, I always read the business section when I get hold of a newspaper.”

You’ve been in Vancouver for seven years. Didn’t you experience any culture shock?

“Canada is a multi-cultural country. There are so many people from different countries — Japan, Korea, India, Philippines, etc....so many different races there. I’ve gotten to know so many people from different countries and I’ve learned how to respect their cultures and their traditions. I’ve learned how to adjust to any new culture and new environment.”

What are your hobbies?

(Joked Wu Chun, “Looking at the stocks. Hahahaha!”)

“Watching movies, going out with friends. Nothing much.”

How do you take care of your body?

“I don’t eat late. I learned from Chun what food is nutritious and what is junk food. He always tells me to eat and eat because he thinks I’m too skinny.”

(Wu Chun: “He was very skinny before. But now he’s okay. He also sometimes goes to the gym and that’s good.”)

Who’s your role model?

“My dad. He’s the vice president of a company. He takes good care of our family and that’s the most important thing. He gave me a good education, including sending me to Vancouver to be independent. He’s 58, getting old, and his heart is not so good so I worry about him. I can’t spend so much time with him. And when I do, I go out to dinner with him.”

What’s your ideal girl?

“Same with Chun’s — simple and a happy girl. The feeling is important. Somebody who can be a friend and a family to me. Somebody with the same values as I have and who can work together with me.”

Is nationality a factor?

“Not really. I had a Korean girlfriend before.”

(Wu Chun: “You want a Bruneian girlfriend? Hahahaha.”)

Do you want a Filipina girlfriend?

“Why not?”

You still have time to look for one before you fly back to Taipei tomorrow.


Describe Wu Chun in three words.

“Mature. Responsible. Hard-working.”

Source: ABS-CBN News Online

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    Exclusive: The real Wu Chun and Calvin Chen revealed
    By Rachelle Siazon
    Source: ABS-CBN
    as posted in ABS_CBN thread in Tsinoy

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    For two days, the ABS-CBN compound was swarmed by a multitude of fans who were hoping to catch a glimpse of Asian heartthrobs Wu Chun and Calvin Chen. In fact, some of them even flew in from Singapore and Hong Kong to catch the Taiwanese idols who were in town for a promo tour of Romantic Princess in Manila. The two made appearances on Entertainment Live!, ASAP 08, The Buzz, and Pinoy Dream Academy 4th Gala Night where they performed their group Fahrenheit's hit song New Home, the theme to Romantic Princess.

    In an exclusive interview, ABS-CBN.com talked with Chun and Calvin about families, staying true to themselves, and about performing in the Philippines for the first time. It was very exciting but we were very nervous as well because this is our first time to perform here in the Philippines. But of course, we are very happy that we have the chance to sing our song here. And the audience was great! I think they're so into it. We are very lucky that we've got so much support from so many people from around the world. Because we are working very hard and the good feedback is a very great motivation for us, said Chun.

    Being able to visit different countries is definitely one of the perks of celebrities like them. But for Chun whose family is based in Brunei, he feels that he misses out on a lot of family bonding experiences. “I was born in Brunei and my family is there. At first, every time I go home [to Taiwan], I feel lonely. And until now I still miss home. I think this is the biggest adjustment that I needed to do. What I miss most I think is the air. You know the feeling that everyday you wake up you are in your house, surrounded by your family. That's very different.

    Calvin also agreed with Chun. That's true you know”losing time to spend with my family even though I live with them in Taiwan. I can see them most of the time but whenever I go home, they are already sleeping. And when I wake up in the afternoon, they already left for work. He further described his life off cam. Most actors are worried about going out in public. But for me, I don't want to change too much. I still go out with my friends even female friends and have dinner. If I care too much, [then] I would lose many, many things. So I still want to be me

    Fortunately for Calvin, he'll be going to Canada where he took up his college studies and masters degree in Economics. I'm going there by the end of August for the Sunshine Boyz contest male pageant where I was discovered before. I am going to be their special guest with Aaron (Yan), another member of Fahrenheit. The good thing is I can go back to look around and breathe the fresh air there, enjoy the sunshine and the beach, Calvin excitedly shared

    Hanging out with family, friends and girlfriends?

    Their schedules are often so filled with tours, TV projects, and various public appearances that they seldom have free time for themselves. But when they do catch a break, they usually spend quality time with family and friends doing simple things like hanging out, watching movies, or eating at their favorite restaurants.

    Their tight schedules are also the reason why they can't seem to find that one special girl. There were rumors, however, that Chun was dating his Hana Kimi co-star Ella Chen. But Chun denied this, saying that among his leading ladies, he's closest to Ella because they're both managed by the same company, Comic International Productions. From the very start, even before we filmed Hana Kimi, we were already close and we had a lot of projects together, Chun clarified.

    Finding The One

    Since these Taiwanese superstars are still single, ABS-CBN.com asked what would it take to win them over and discovered that their thoughts on love and romance are somewhat old-fashioned and very family-oriented. The appearance or looks don't have to be a certain type. For me, the more important thing is the feeling. Like she cannot be just a girlfriend, she can also be family or a close friend to me, to share everything with me. I can even express my fears and my worries in front of her and I won't feel embarrassed, was Calvin's description of his ideal girl.

    Chun answered similarly.  I think feeling is important if you want to have a long-term relationship. Both of you can trust each other and are willing to share everything.” Calvin added, “And you have the same values, the same life goal to work hard together.”

    Fan adoration and obsession

    Judging from the number of fans seen in and around the ABS-CBN compound throughout the duration of Chun and Calvin’s promo tour, it wouldn’t come as a shock if they attract a lot of stalkers. But instead of freaking out like other celebrities, they are more concerned with the welfare of overeager fans.

    “The thing that troubles me sometimes is that they wait downstairs at my place late at night. One night when I finished work and I’m on my way home at about 2 am, she's still waiting there all by herself and worse, it was raining then. So I ask her, ‘Why are you still here? It’s already late.’ And she says, ‘It’s okay. My family will come pick me up later.’ I think it's not good because she makes her family and even myself worried,” Calvin exclaimed.

    So what does he do whenever this happens? “If there are people downstairs waiting for me, I just tell them to go home and say, ‘I won’t do anything for you. I won’t take pictures with you. I won’t do autographs.’ Because if I keep doing that [signing autographs and taking photos], they'll think that it's okay for them to come to my place,” said Calvin. As for Chun, he advised their supporters to keep their own safety in mind, “We hope that they would be very careful when they follow us, when they go to our activities. We do not want them to do something that will put them in danger and make their families worry.”
    credit ABS_CBN





    Wu Chun Reveals How He Met His Wife thumbnail

    After admitting to his married status, Wu Chun (吳尊) further revealed that he and his wife are now expecting a son.

    On October 2, Wu Chun held a press conference in Taiwan to promote his new book Ignite Courage <決定勇敢>. Due to Wu Chun’s shocking marriage revelation, he appeared very nervous, his face tense and his hands clutched tightly onto his microphone. To ease his nerves, Wu Chun’s team invited good friend and famous TV hostess Matilda Tao (陶晶瑩) to lead the show. Wu Chun’s father was also in attendance to show his support, while his wife sent encouragement via text message prior to the event.

    Wife Wanted Marriage to Be a Secret

    Dressed in a solemn black suit, Wu Chun immediately bowed down 90 degrees as soon as he stepped onto the stage. He explained that he had always wanted to share the news about his marriage, but refrained from doing so due to his wife’s wishes. “She has her own opinions. I must respect her decision. Perhaps she feels ready to bravely face and share the news after becoming a mother, and decided to reveal the truth.” He also spoke briefly about his daughter. “I was married in 2009, and my daughter was born in 2010. She is almost three years old. When my daughter was born, I was there to document her birth with photos and videos.”

    A hands-on dad, Wu Chun has been taking care of all the details of his daughter’s life, becoming quite skilled at feeding, bathing, and changing diapers. He also proudly shared that his daughter can now point him out from Fahrenheit <飛輪海> posters. When asked, Wu Chun rates himself as a decent husband and father, giving himself 90 points.

    Expecting a Son in October

    Wu Chun’s parenting skills will certainly come in handy once again. At the press conference, the 33-year-old shared another piece of happy news. “My wife is actually pregnant with our second child and is about to give birth. Together we will have a boy and a girl. [My son] will also be a Libra like my daughter.” Turning 34 on October 10, Wu Chun will share the same astrological sign with his two children.

    Sharp-eyed reporters noticed that a photo of Wu Chun’s wife Lin Li Ying (林麗瑩) appears in his new book. In an old black and white photo, Li Ying was seen standing close-by as Wu Chun introduced his gym’s latest exercise equipment to Brunei’s sultan. The book also contains a close-up photo of his daughter’s tiny hand held tightly onto his own.

    When asked to discuss his relationship with his wife, Wu Chun shared that the two argued often during their first year together but always managed to resolve their differences by the end of the day. He praised his wife for always trusting him despite being surrounded by the many temptations of the entertainment industry. He added that he is easily pleased and treasures what he already has. Wu Chun also took the opportunity to dispel rumors linking him to former co-stars Angela Chang (張韶涵) and Ella Chen (陳嘉樺), saying that they are only colleagues and that he had never spent time with either alone.

    Regarding his announcement’s impact, Wu Chun stated that he was never concerned about how his married status could affect his career or his income, saying “My family has always been the most important thing to me!” He explained that if he truly cared, he would not choose to only film one project a year. Wu Chun also denied allegations that he revealed the news only to generate noise for his new book. He vowed to donate royalties received from his book, and will also donate an additional $1 million HKD to improve the education of needy children in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Brunei.

    At the end of the event, Wu Chun once again bowed deeply for three seconds. He apologized for his nervousness and said, “I may have spoken or behaved wrongly before. I hope everyone will forgive me. Here I will apologize to everyone. I am sorry.”



    Wu Chun Admits to Marriage and Fatherhood thumbnail

    In a shocking announcement made today, Wu Chun (吳尊) finally admits to being married and blissfully confesses his status as a proud father. He met his wife when he was 16 years old and they have been together for 18 years, supporting each other during life’s roughest moments.

    After his debut in 2005 as a member of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit (飛輪海), Wu Chun quickly gained a massive following for his boyish good looks and fit physique. Despite high media exposure, Wu Chun managed to keep much of his life private, saying little about his relationship status other than the fact that he had experienced his first love during his teenage years.

    Married to Teenage Sweetheart

    Determined to break the mystery, the media traced Wu Chun’s career back to his native Brunei. There they discovered what was considered an open secret. In 2011, Taiwanese media published reports alleging that Wu Chun already filed for marriage in 2009, and that his wife had given birth to a daughter two years later. At that time, Wu Chun firmly denied the rumors. When reporters presented photo evidence at the time, Wu Chun’s manager stated that the woman was Wu Chun’s sister-in-law, and the child belonged to his elder sister.

    Spending the past two years back home in Brunei, Wu Chun spent his free time writing a book, Ignite Courage <決定勇敢>, about his life and business ventures. On the eve of its release, Wu Chun decided to make his big confession via his official fan site. He began with his view on romance, speaking freely about his stubborn dedication to love. “No matter how others try to interfere, or how life differs, my persistence towards that love never changes. Once I’ve set my sights on it, I will chase after it till the end. I am working hard for love, for our future.”

    The love that Wu Chun has been fighting hard to protect will certainly be cherished forever. “That’s right. I am now playing a role that cannot be bought with money — a blissful super dad!” Wu Chun added that it has been difficult for him to conceal this fact, saying that he is someone who wants to spread happiness, and that becoming a father was a great thing that had changed his life.

    He then spoke further about his wife, revealing that she is his first love, Lin Li Ying (林麗瑩). “She has been by my side since I was 16, it has been more than 18 years. She is also my first love. Throughout the years, she helped me pull through all the ups and downs of life. From the time I studied abroad in Australia, to the time my mother passed away, through my best friend’s death, and managing my business in Brunei. All the way until now. She has always been there to give support and encouragement.”

    Marriage Was an Open Secret

    Wu Chun shared that he had introduced Li Ying to others when he first entered the entertainment industry. After he exploded in popularity, Li Ying requested to stay in the shadows, away from media gossips. Wu Chun said, ” I understand and I respect this decision. Because of her complete support, I was able to bravely face the challenges in my life and career. She always reminds me that I am a very lucky person because I have so many supportive and loving fans throughout the years. ‘Today’s Wu Chun would not exist if it wasn’t because of them’ — that is something she had said countless times.”

    Lin Li Ying’s Background

    Although information is sparse, the press discovered that Li Ying’s family is rather well-known in Brunei. Her father is the appointed masseur and nutritionist for the fourth brother of Brunei’s current Sultan. Also, while Wu Chun did not speak about his daughter in detail, some estimated that the girl is around two and a half years old as Wu Chun had remained in Brunei during that time.

    To wrap up his blog post, Wu Chun apologized to his fans for the sudden revelation, and thanked them for their support. At this content stage of his life, Wu Chun concludes that to live and to love simply is the greatest achievement of all. Thanking his parents, he reflects, “Here, I want to thank my parents for their love and support. They are always encouraging us, becoming my most powerful backing. This unconditional love allows me to realize that, being able to maintain a simple life and love is truly the utmost bliss.”



    Wu Chun and Wife Expecting Second Child thumbnail

    Wu Chun’s (吳尊) earlier announcement that he is married and is already a father to a two-year old daughter greatly shocked the public. Furthermore, he revealed his wife is currently pregnant with their second child, who will be a boy.

    Wu Chun exclaimed, “I would be very upset if I am unable to answer my daughter if she calls me ‘daddy’ on the streets! After much discussion, my wife decided it was the right time to let everyone know. I’m not going to avoid the press because I am prepared for news reports coming my way.”

    On October 2, Wu Chun generously accepted a press conference to address the media’s questions. When a reporter claimed Wu Chun once denied being married and to being a father, he explained, “They only photographed my elder sister-in-law back then. The kid was my elder brother’s daughter. I felt very apologetic, because my brother was very unhappy. The reporters were always following around near my house.”

    The reporter continued to press on, asking why he had lied about the matters earlier. Wu Chun expressed, “I am willing to take on the criticism from the media. At the time, I was questioned too suddenly and I didn’t know how to respond. I also want to apologize to my manager and company, because they didn’t know about it either.” Wu Chun bowed and apologized several times at the press conference for having hidden the truth.

    Daughter Was Made in Hong Kong

    In a recent interview, Wu Chun opened up and spoke about his family. He laughed and revealed, “My daughter is actually partly from Hong Kong! My wife and I had her when I was in Hong Kong for work. She was made in Hong Kong.”

    Since Wu Chun did not want his wife to experience too much pain during childbirth, they opted for a Cesarean section. Wu Chun expressed, “I’m a Libra, and so is my daughter. I really like the personality of Libras, so I’m really happy about it. I feel like my daughter resembles both my wife and I. Recently, I’ve been home watching General Yang <楊家將>. My daughter saw me getting hit in the drama and exclaimed daddy is in pain! She’s still very young and doesn’t know I’m an actor, although she knows she’ll see daddy on television.”

    Speaking about his wife Lin Li Ying (林麗瑩), Wu Chun said they share similar personalities. “We understand each other and have been getting along very well for the past 18 years. We both know we shouldn’t take a lover for granted, so we put a lot of effort into the relationship.”

    How Wu Chun Met His Wife

    Wu Chun met Lin Li Ying when he was 16 years old. He revealed she is his brother-in-law’s relative. “My brother-in-law kept wanting to introduce girls to me, so he set up a dinner date. At first I felt a little awkward, but I noticed she has a nice personality. I wanted to keep in touch with her, but I used to be a very shy guy. I held the phone in my hand for two hours without the courage to dial her number. My heart beat very fast, and I even wrote down what I wanted to say on a piece of paper. In the end, I turned out the lights and hid under my covers to make the call. We started going out for dates, but it was still an ambiguous relationship until we went to the beach one day. It was the first time I held her hand. I was crazily in love at the time. We talked over the phone for two hours every day and I always drove her home from school.”

    Wu Chun revealed his wedding was a simple one. “It took place at my house. Only our relatives were there. We didn’t invite any of our friends that year, so I would like to hold another celebration party and celebrate with some friends.”

    Wu Chun continued and expressed, “My wife wants to keep life low-profile and I respect her decision. I lied to the press in order to protect our relationship. We have discussed this and decided it’s now the right time to share everything. In the past, we always had to walk on the streets with a large group of people. I couldn’t walk alone with my wife and daughter. My wife knew I felt really unnatural and uncomfortable. You guys think I’m brave, but she’s actually the one who’s brave.”

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