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In his interview with ISplus (reporter Lee Dong Hyun) published on March 15, Lee Min Ho reveals his sleeping habits, favourite food, and ideal woman.

ISplus (IS): The "Crash Min Ho" scene at the PaekSang Arts Awards was a hot topic.

Lee Min Ho (LMH): I was embarrassed and humiliated. However, fans warmly cheered me on. I could verify my fans' love.

IS: What is your life motto?

LMH: "Those who give up cannot gain victory." It's not victory that is so important, but the fighting spirit. Even if you fail, I think even just the attitude of not giving up is beautiful in itself.

IS: Have you had a crisis in life that was difficult to endure?

LMH: The car accident I experienced in 2006. During the six months I had to stay at the hospital, I worried a lot about what I would do if I could no longer act. At first, I broke down thinking I may not even be able to walk again.

IS: What method do you use to relieve extreme stress?

LMH: I simply sleep. If I feel like the stress is still there when I wake up, I go back to sleep until the stress goes away. There was a time in the past when I slept for 24 hours straight.

IS: Which negative comment had the biggest impression on you?

LMH: It wasn't an internet comment; it was a malicious remark that was broadcast. When Gag Concert character Wang Bi Ho (Yoon Hyung Bin) said, "Lee Min Ho, what are you going to do when Boys Over Flowers finishes?" (negative connotation - "What the heck is going to happen to you after BOF finishes?), my chest felt a chill. Figure out how to make a transition from the Gu Jun Pyo character is a big homework project for me.

IS: What do you consider the most when looking at women?

LMH: Her overall style and feeling is most important. Even if she is not beautiful, my heart can be pulled by a strong feeling that comes to me.

IS: When/Where/Who was your first kiss?

LMH: It was in my first year of high school (grade 10) with my girlfriend in front of her house.

IS: If you get a girlfriend, what kind of present would you most want?

LMH: I just wish I had a girlfriend. A girlfriend in herself is the present what I want most.

IS: Approximately when did you date your last girlfriend? How long ago was it, what age and what occupation does she have?

LMH: I haven't had a girlfriend since I dated a fellow university student when I was 20 (Korean age).

IS: If you get a girlfriend, what endearing nickname would you want to call her?

LMH: It would be different depending on her style.

IS: It must have been perplexing when photos of you with some female colleagues were publicized on the internet a while ago.

LMH: It was a little exasperating. They are pictures that could hurt me. Even though they weren't my girlfriend, people misconstrued them to be. I felt so sorry toward the other people in the photos due to the malicious gossip that was spread.

IS: What will you do if your parents oppose your marriage like Boys Over Flowers' Gu Jun Pyo?

LMH: I would run away with her. Even if we have to elope ("flight by night"), I would marry her.

IS: Which female actress do you want to co-star opposite?

LMH: I would like to work with my ideal type, Song Hye Kyo sunbae (senior). Although she has an elegant and classic style, her charisma is also strong and her acting talent is outstanding. If we act together, I think I could learn a lot from her. But I'd probably tremble (be nervous) a lot .

IS: Who is the person you want to meet most?

LMH: I would like to meet Hollywood actor, Edward Norton. The way he gives off a comfortable vibe while oozing out charisma is so impressive. If I meet him, I'd request, "I'd like you to be my master (teacher)". First, I think I need to diligently learn English.

IS: Which athlete do you like the most?

LMH: Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo. On top of having extraordinary talent, he is also good looking. I also dreamt of being a soccer player when I was in elementary school. If I was able to continue playing soccer, maybe I would have been an athlete like Cristiano Ronaldo by now.

IS: What kind of food do you like and is there anything you're good at cooking?

LMH: I like all meats and am good at cooking all meats. Cooking method? I just grill/roast it. I have a secret grilling method. Beef, pork, chicken, etc. - there's a different grilling method for each meat. Even if it's the same meat product, you will marvel if you taste the meat I grill.

IS: Which song is your specialty at karaoke?

LMH: Toy's . Although Boys Over Flowers' Jun Pyo has a rough and defiant image, I'm a sweet romantic. Although I don't have a talent in singing, I [still] sing because people tell me I do it coolly.

IS: What are some objects that you always carry around in your bag?

LMH: I make sure to pack cologne because I want to be a fragrant guy all the time.

IS: What is your drinking capacity? Which alcohol do you like, where do you drink and with whom?

LMH: I can't really drink much. It's difficult to drink past three shots of soju. The alcohol I like are western liquors, although I can't drink past one or two glasses. I'm not picky about the location. I can adapt to any environment and enjoy myself. However, I want to drink with people I'm confortable with and who don't pressure me to drink alcohol.

IS: Do you have any jinxes, superstitions or customs?

LMH: I get injured during every film or movie project. Even if I'm careful, I get injured due to unforeseen circumstances.

IS: Do you have any sleeping habits?

LMH: They say I grind my teeth and talk gibberish. When we go on vacation, my friends try to avoid sleeping with me.

IS: Which three objects would you take with you if you had to be stuck on a deserted island?

LMH: A bed, a lighter, and a cellular phone. I'll need to take a good bed in order to sleep well. Even if I'm on a deserted island, I'll need to cook the food in order to eat it. Especially for someone like me who loves meat, a lighter is a mandatory requirement. Even if I'm stuck on the deserted island, I'd need to talk with people on the phone so that I don't get bored. Plus, I have a lot of games downloaded on my cellphone.

IS: Name a characteristic that you're jealous of from each F4 member.

LMH: Kim Beom's small face, Kim Joon hyung's big eyes, and Kim Hyun Joong's white (pale) face. Still, overall, I'm the most...


Lee Min Ho:

IS: The Baeksang Arts Awards fall (referring to Min-ho tripping on the Red Carpet) was a hot topic.
LMH: Yeah what a silly mistake and I was embarrassed. But my fans did cheer me on and I could see the love of the fans.

IS: What is your motto in life?
LMH: Not to give up on my goals. Victory is not as important as possessing a fighting spirit. My motto is to not give up even if I fail. I think to have that attitude is just beautiful.

IS: What was the biggest crisis in your life to date?
LMH: There was this traffic accident in 2006. I had to stay in the hospital for 6 months. At first I was frustrated and I couldn’t even walk. But I am glad I overcame that.

IS: How do you relieve stress?
LMH: Just sleep. Sleep until the stress disappears. I have slept for 24 hours previously.

IS: What’s your sleeping habit like?
LMH: I grind my teeth and talk in my sleep, which is why my pals don’t want to sleep with me when we travel.

IS: When and where was your first kiss?
LMH: It was when I was a freshman in high school. I kissed my girlfriend, standing right in front of her house.

IS: What do you think most women want as a gift?
LMH: If I had a girlfriend, that would be good. Women want you to be their best friend. That’s the best gift of all.

IS: When was the last time you dated and had a girlfriend?
LMH: When I was 20. I haven’t had a girlfriend since University.

IS: What is your ideal type of woman?
LMH: I think more of her overall style and my feeling toward her than her appearance.
I’m drawn to a woman, although not pretty, that appeals to my feeling strongly.

IS: If you had a lover, which term of endearment would you use to call her?
LMH: It depends on the style of the woman (T/N: literal translation. But i guess he means the term of endearment he will use depends on what kind of woman she is. There is no fixed term for all.)

IS: What if your parents were against your marriage — like in the character Gu Jun-pyo?
LMH: We will run away and elope.

IS: Which actress would you like to work with in future?
LMH: Song Hye-kyo sunbae. She is elegant and classy and has loads of charisma and possesses excellent acting skills. Should I get a chance to work with her, I would be able to learn a lot and no doubt be very nervous.

IS: Person whom you most want to meet?
LMH: I want to meet Hollywood actor Edward Norton. He has a laid back, comfortable charisma that is so impressive. When I meet him, I will ask “Will you teach me how?” But I must brush up on my English first.

IS: Who is your favourite sports star?
LMH: Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo. It was my dream in elementary school to become a professional soccer player. If I continued to play soccer, I hope to be a player like Cristiano Ronaldo now.

IS: What’s your favourite food and what dish do you cook well?
LMH: I like meat. Recipe? Just roast it. I have a secret roasting process. Beef, pork or chicken, I use the same recipe.

IS: What is your #1 karaoke song? (The song you sing all the time at karaokes)
LMH: Toy’s 내가 잠시 너의 곁에 살았다는 걸

IS: What do you always carry in your bag?
LMH: Cologne. I always like to smell nice.

IS: What is your favourite drink?
LMH: I usually don’t drink alcohol. Three cups of soju is my limit. I like hard liquor.

IS: Do you have a jinx or habit?
LMH: Whenever I’m in a drama or movie, I injure myself. I have to be extra careful.

IS: What three things would you bring to a desert island?
LMH: A bed, lighter and my mobile phone. Having a nice bed to sleep on would be good (yes! i agree with this!!). On a deserted island, your food should be cooked - hence the lighter. I could cook fish. I would be so bored on a deserted island that I would play with all the games I downloaded to my mobile phone.

IS: What do you envy of your F4 members?
LMH: Kim Bum’s small face, Kim Joon’s big eyes, Kim Hyun-joong’s fair complexion. As for the whole package, I am actually the best.

Kim Hyun Joong:

IS: Who do you want to meet most in the world?
KHJ: Of course Seo Taiji. When i was a child, I listened to a variety of foreign music and I liked the rock genre. The top song when I was in school was Seo Taiji and Boys’ “Nan-arayo” ( 난 알아요). Then when I heard “Ultramania”, I decided to become a singer. I have a lot of respect for Seo Taiji.

IS: Do you have any talent you’ve been polishing since the school days?
KHJ: I played bass guitar in a band when I was in high school. I can play it quite well. I enjoy expressing it by playing guitar when I get a musical idea. I would spend whole day to search for rare guitars when I was visiting Japan. I love the guitar.

IS: Do you have any places you want to travel to? Who with?
KHJ: I have friends whom I’ve been growing up with in the same town. I’ve spent most of my life with them. I fear nothing when I’m with them. I want to travel to space with them and challenge the limit of our lives. Does that sound like nonsense?

IS: Who is number one on your mobile phone speed dial?
KHJ: I have a bad memory and my mobile phone directory stores my important numbers but I don’t use the speed dial.

IS: What do you always carry in your bag?
KHJ: An extra pair of contact lens, eye drops and a shaver. Also an extra pair of underwear and socks just in case we end up shooting all night.

IS: Which actress would you like to work with?
KHJ: Lee Hyo-ri. Before I made a debut as a singer, she was my dream girl. Hyori is my senior and gave me lots of valuable advice. She is such an inspiration to me.

IS: What is your motto in life?
KHJ: You only have one chance in life, live hard and earn fame. Help the poor and be respected.

IS: What’s the difference before and after F4?
KHJ: The age range of people who recognise me became various. The character Ji Hoo seemed to give me a chance to produce another Kim Hyun Joong.

IS: Have you ever posted any opinion under Internet news articles (about youself)?
KHJ: I try not to read bad posts (about me). I would read what people write about me on my fan page and write my opinions as well. Sometimes I reveal myself and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I write really harsh reports on myself to push myself. I visit Daum the most.

IS: Do you have a bad habit or jinx?
KHJ: No jinx. Habit perhaps? When I am stressed, I like to go on fishing trips or listen to music.

IS: What if your parents were against your marriage — like in the character Gu Jun-pyo?
KHJ: I will try to persuade my parents, that I am responsible enough to make the decision.

Where and with whom do you like to drink with?
KHJ: I drink a lot. Soju. Anywhere (the place is not important). I drink with my band mates and friends. A simple stall by the street is good enough. I like my soju with pork and kimchi.

IS: What was the biggest crisis in your life to date?
KHJ: It was when I was in the MBC TV show We’ve Got Married. We went to film at Halla Mountain (Halla San) at Jeju Island. We took 5 hours to climb up the mountain and 2 hours to get down. I didn’t go easy but went on briskly. I ran down for 2 hours without a break. Finally, when we reached the bottom and it was time for an interview at the hotel, I had no energy left and fainted.

IS: What would you do if you won ₩ 10,000,000,000 (around $7,500,000) in the lottery?
KHJ: ₩ 5,000,000,000 to parents. ₩ 1,000,000,000 to my boss Lee Ho-yeon of DSP Entertainment. 20% to needy neighbours, 20% to share with friends.

IS: Do you have any skin care secrets?
KHJ: My dermatologist takes care of my skin very well. That’s my honest answer. Haha. I will always try to clean my skin properly.

IS: What is your sleeping habit?
KHJ: I sleep in only my underwear. I can’t endure wearing anything more because I am afraid of the heat. I like the feeling of the blanket next to my skin and only wear my underwear to bed.

IS: When did you last date and how old were you?
KHJ: We split up just before I made my debut (in SS501). Haha.

IS: What would you call your girlfriend if you have one?
KHJ: I would just call her name. I’m not as gentle or tender as Ji Hoo. I wish my girlfriend was someone just like a friend, who I would feel comfortable with.

IS: What do you want to receive from your girlfriend?
KHJ: Actually, I would be more comfortable giving than receiving. Even if I have something I want, I won’t tell her and I would just buy it myself. I would give anything from me to the most precious one.

IS: What do you envy of your F4 members?
KHJ: Min-ho’s height, Bum’s maturity and Joon’s personality?

IS: What is the best fortune of your life so far?
KHJ: The fact that I have friends who I’ve been with since primary school, and that I’m a member of SS501.

IS: If you have a completely free day, what would you do?
KHJ: I just want to sleep all day.

IS: Who manages your income?
KHJ: Since I was a child and started off with part-time jobs, I have been managing my own income. My parents trust me.



I actually like him here with his boyish appeal and natural persona. He did not have to act elegantly nor be conscious about his appearance. But I know that he is very much concern of his hairstyle even when he was still young :)


[Interview] 《都市丽人》(SmartShe) – Lee Min Ho: “Don’t call me ahjussi before 40!”




cre: meow
Source: 《都市丽人》(SmartShe)
Credit: 月苏菱



The Buzz, The Philippine's Number 1 Entertainment Show airs every Sunday

The Buzz

The Buzz

Bench Endorsement and Fan Meeting at Araneta Coliseum, Manila, The Philippines November 2012

Bench Endorsement and Fan Meeting at Araneta Coliseum, Manila, The Philippines November 2012

Interview with Sam Oh (Korean residing in The Philippines) at Makati, Shangri-La

Lee Min Ho at SM North Edsa Skydome


[interview] Sam Oh on Lee Min Ho interview during Benchsetter event

'THAT'S SO FUNNY.' Lee Min Ho giggles at Oh Sang Mi aka Sam Oh in one of the events hosted by Bench. Image from architect Miguel Pastor's Facebook pageTHAT’S SO FUNNY.’ Lee Min Ho giggles at Oh Sang Mi aka Sam Oh in one of the events hosted by Bench. Image from architect Miguel Pastor’s Facebook page
MANILA, Philippines – DJ, TV personality and food blogger Sam Oh has become a “staple” in Filipino pop culture that we forget she — like Grace Lee — is 100% Korean.

Therefore, Sam — whose Korean name is Oh Sang Mi — is also fluent in Hanguk aka the Korean language.

She was the fitting choice to host the press and fan events of Korean star Lee Min Ho, who is in Manila for a 3-day meet-and-greet with fans that ends tonight at the SM Mall of Asia.
Rappler caught up with Sam (who moved to Manila when she was 10 years old, hence the Filipino language fluency) and asked a few questions about what it’s like to be working with Lee Min Ho and what he’s like behind the scenes:

1) How did you get the stint to be Lee Min Ho’s interpreter and official event host?
Sam Oh: I’m not his official interpreter. :) They flew in two interpreters from Korea and they’re part of his entourage. But since I’m hosting the events and he doesn’t speak English, I interpret na rin.

2) How does it feel to be working with him?

Sam Oh: I knew about it about a month prior to his arrival and I was equal parts nervous and excited the whole time. He’s a huuuge (sic) star and Bench is a huge brand as well so I was feeling the pressure.
Now that the press conference and fan meet are over, I just find myself having fun and feeling kinda sad that it will be over soon. I feel very honored and priveleged to be part of it.

3) There are fans who are surprised that Lee Min Ho doesn’t know how to speak English. May you give us your two cents on why this is so?

Sam Oh: After hosting two of his events and interpreting for him in two interviews, I have an inkling he understands and speaks English more than we think. If you follow him on Twitter, you’ll see he tweets in English sometimes.

But then again, someone might be helping him with the tweets.

4) What’s he like backstage?

Sam Oh: I haven’t really had a candid moment with him. The events so far have been orchestrated in such a way that it will start as he is coming out of his holding area or coming down from his hotel room.
The closest thing to down time I had with him was between one-on-one interviews. He’s pretty chill.

5) His roles have always been serious, dark and tough. Is there a fun and wacky side his fans have yet so see?

Sam Oh: I find that he’s really nothing like the roles he has played so far. I find him to be nice, sincere and even child-like at times.

Like during the fan meet, there was a portion where he had to take part in a staring contest with a fan (first one to blink or look away loses) and he won. He was so happy, like a little kid!
He also laughs easily. During an interview I interpreted for him, he thought it was funny how I asked him a particular question (some hand gesture I did, apparently) and he started giggling and said, “That’s so funny.”
Bear in mind that this was my first encounter with him and was very nervous but having him laugh like that broke the ice for me. I felt much more at ease with him since. He’s really pretty relaxed.
I was also pleasantly surprised with how he was during the fan meet. He wanted to ask the audience questions, spin the roulette with the fans (part of a game) when he didn’t have to, hug them for photo ops.
It was also really nice how he wanted to take a picture with the whole audience at the end of the fan meet. None of this was in the program, it was all him.

6) What kind of food does he like to eat?

Sam Oh: Apparently, he really likes his mom’s cooking and usually requests for her to make “chigae” which is a Korean stew.

During the fan meet, he was asked what Filipino food he would like to try and he asked the question back to the fans asking what he should try. He handpicked a fan from the audience and she suggested he try adobo.
He went to a Filipino restaurant that night and had adobo. He tweeted a photo and everything! So endearing. :)

7) What was your first impression of Lee Min Ho? What can you tell his fans about him?

Sam Oh: Physically, I was struck by how tall and lean he was. He’s a little over 6 feet tall and very model-esque.

Personality-wise, I was half-expecting him to be uptight and maybe even stuck up but he isn’t like that at all. Despite his status in the showbiz industry, he seems to be a really simple guy who’d rather stay home with a good movie or a computer game than party it up in the clubs.

Most importantly, I really felt that he sincerely wants to make his fans happy and in this process I have become a fan myself.

NOTE: Lee Min Ho visited The Philippines in November 2012 for a big fan meeting and at the same as the launch of his first endorsement for BENCH  held at the Araneta Coliseum.  Sam
Oh was the host for this event.


Lee Min Ho in Garage magazine

Bench model and Korean superstar actor Lee Min Ho graced the cover of Garage Magazine for the December 2012 to January 2013 issue.

The Korean superstar recently charmed his loyal Filipino fans during a series of shows for the Filipino clothing brand Bench during his stay in the Philippines.

The Garage magazine issue for the December and January issue, Lee Min Ho was featured in the front page. The magazine will showcase the best travel destinations plus the coolest holiday styles.

Garage will also share the hit list on the best in entertainment this year.



LEE MIN Ho in “City Hunter” chic (and hairstyle to match)
In a few days, Lee Min Ho will again be breathing the same air as his Pinoy admirers. Cue high-pitched shrieks of delight.
The handsome hallyu superstar, who just turned 26 last weekend, was in town in late 2012 as the new Bench endorser, where he got up close and personal with thousands of swooning Minoz at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Due to insistent public demand, he returns to Manila to serenade—yes, he sings, too—his Filipino fans in his first-ever concert on July 6 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.
He has just embarked on a world tour for his new album, “My Everything,” which will take him to 10 cities across Asia and the United States. Initially recorded as a token for his fans to commemorate his seventh year in show biz, the album became such a huge hit that it even topped the Oricon charts in Japan soon after its release, making him the first South Korean actor to land that distinction.

Breakthrough role

Lee shot to fame in 2009 when he played fearless F4 ringleader Gu Jun Pyo in “Boys Over Flowers,” the Korean live-action adaptation of the popular manga series. He landed other meaty TV roles, starring as ambitious architect Jeon Jin-ho in 2010’s “Perfect Match,” the brooding titular antihero in 2011’s “City Hunter,” and the dashing, long-haired warrior Choi Young in last year’s period drama, “Faith.”
His album “My Everything” contains seven sweet pop ballads, including a re-recording of the piano-driven title song that he originally sang in the “BOF” soundtrack.
In an exclusive e-mail interview, Super picks Lee’s brains about his new album, his coming drama show and what he misses most about the Philippines.

What were your most memorable moments from your first trip to the Philippines?

I was very surprised at how fans in the Philippines welcomed me with a great amount of love when I visited for the Bench promotion. The love that fans gave me always motivates me and made me think how much I want to visit the Philippines again. Some of the memorable things are the smiles and kindness of all the fans and staff while I was in the Philippines.

I heard you ate adobo and loved it. Anything else you’d like to try when you come back to Manila? How about places to visit?

I have tried many kinds of food, but it’s so hot these days so I remember mango juice. I have heard that there are so many beautiful islands [apart from] Cebu and Boracay, so if I have the chance I’d like to visit an unknown island.

You’ve begun your world tour, right? How’s the reception so far?

This is the first album I’ve released and I think it showed new sides of me. The reception from fans was amazing and they keep sending me messages to encourage me. After all, I am very happy to be able to talk to fans with all my heart.

Does the album’s success surprise you?

I was so surprised. I felt like I should keep doing my best not to disappoint my fans who send love and encouragement. As I saw more fans while touring the world, I thought releasing an album was a great idea. I am very touched.

Which song on the album is closest to your heart and why?

I like “Jogak (Pieces).” It’s the song that everyone can sing along to, and it really shows my full emotion.

You have a new TV project coming up. Can you tell us what it’s about?

The new SBS TV show “Heirs” that is going to be aired this year is a teen romance drama. For this show, I am going to be working with director Kang Shinhyo and writer Kim Eunsook. I star as a character named Kim Tan.

What sort of character will you be playing this time?

Last time in “Faith,” I played a general during the Koryo Dynasty. This time, I also go back to the past and will be acting as a high school student. I can’t reveal too much yet, but you will be able to check out the show soon!

What’s it like to be paired again with Park Shin Hye?

I worked with her for a TV commercial a few years ago. This is my first time to do [a TV show] with her. The female leads that I’ve worked with were always older than me, but since she is younger than me, it feels somewhat different and new.

You lead a pretty hectic life. What do you do to unwind or de-stress?

I sleep a lot to de-stress. It makes me feel better … 10 minutes is OK. And I like playing [video] games, as you guys know.

Which ones are your favorites?

I play new games when they come out, so it’s hard to pick. I’m playing a social game in my cell phone these days.

If I challenge you to a round of “Tekken,” do you think your gaming skills could handle it?

I haven’t tried Tekken yet. Maybe I can win after having enough time to practice.

Lastly, any messages to your Filipino fans?

Hello, fans in the Philippines, I am Lee Min Ho. How have you all been doing? I am visiting Manila again to have an amazing time with you all. I will be seeing you on July 6 as a part of the global tour. I am so excited to see you all soon. Please take care till the day I get to see you!

“Lee Min Ho: My Everything Global Tour in Manila” is presented by Bench, in cooperation with Globe Prepaid, LINE, Bench Fix and Oishi. Tickets are available at SM Tickets via 4702222 or www.smtickets.com.


January Cover Story: Former ‘Flower Boy’ Lee Min-ho Blooms Into Leading Man

From Flower Boy To Leading Man
Lee Min-ho, the popular Korean drama star who first rose to fame in the megahit Boys Over Flowers, could have played the same type of role over and over. But the 25-year-old actor instead has targeted a diversity of parts—and his international fans, dubbed “Minoz,” have loyally followed.


Lee Min-ho has finally become more famous than Goo Joon-pyo.

For years, the South Korean actor was referred to as “the curly-haired guy” or “the flower boy,” referencing his breakout role in 2009 as the wavy-maned Goo Joon-pyo from the hit Korean drama Boys Over Flowers.

The drama, aired in 19 countries, launched the young actor into megacelebrity status, and while, of course, fans and even a good majority of Korea knew his real name, it took a carefully planned career in the following years for Lee Min-ho to become Lee Min-ho.

Now, Lee, 25, is internationally recognized as an actor—a leading man, actually, rather than merely a “flower boy,” a term ironically popularized by his own drama and used to describe an overly “pretty” guy.

But with Goo Joon-pyo—the arrogant, privileged high school bully who transforms into a romantic softie on the popular drama—being both somewhat of an icon and a caricature, it is still difficult to separate the character from the actor. However, Lee doesn’t seem to mind.
“There’s nothing bad about it, is there?” said Lee, in emailed answers translated from Korean. “A lot of people fantasize about my personality after seeing me in dramas.”

The bad boy-turned-perfect man role was indeed so beloved that Goo Joon-pyo quickly became the center of the drama, compared to, earlier, when his female counterpart, Geum Jan-di, was the focus. In a bit of life imitating art, the actress, Ku Hye-sun, who was originally the much more established star, has since faded into the background, while Lee, a relative newcomer, emerged as the runaway star.

All photos courtesy of Starhaus.

The massive success of his Boys Over Flowers role allowed Lee to become pickier about which parts he does take. “It’s definitely something I can be proud of. I’ve been getting far more offers since Boys Over Flowers, and it’s also what helped grow my fan base, which is important, because fans are the ones who keep me motivated,” said Lee.

Still, it wasn’t easy for Lee to separate himself from the lingering image of Goo Joon-pyo. In an August 2012 interview on an SBS entertainment news segment, Lee remarked on the rumors that he’s a bad boy, saying, “People think I’m a party animal, that I always drink and that I’m a womanizer,” before adding, “I actually can’t drink a lot, I rarely go outside and I like to stay at home.”

Considering his packed schedule, the statement might just be true, as he probably doesn’t have much free time to party. Since his 2009 hit, the 6-foot-tall, lanky actor, who incidentally is now sporting a cropped hair cut, has starred in a drama every year, and they’ve all been departures from his breakout role. In 2010, Lee played an aspiring architect who is mistaken as gay by his eventual (female) love interest in Personal Taste, while the following year, he played a cold assassin in City Hunter. Most recently, he took on another action role as the Goryeo-era warrior in the time travel drama Faith.

Not all of his dramas were hits, but each showed that the young actor was looking to diversify his parts, rather than just maintain his celebrity.  That ambition was rewarded when he won SBS’s Top Excellence Award for Drama Special for City Hunter.

“It was uncommon for an actor in his 20s to star in an action drama,” Lee said of the role. “It was a new challenge for me. A drama like City Hunter is something I would love to try in film format.”

For an actor as popular as Lee is, it’s surprising that he hasn’t starred in any major motion pictures yet, though he’s had minor roles in two films.

“[Acting in films] is constantly in my thoughts,” he said. “I’ve been doing dramas throughout my career, but that was because I received offers to play roles I’ve wanted, and the timing happened to be right. If the right opportunity to act in a film presents itself, I’m willing to start any time.”

Even without a film vehicle, Lee’s international popularity only seems to be increasing. Fresh off Faith, the actor is currently on a mini-vacation, which, for a Korean celebrity, doesn’t actually mean he’s resting. After the drama wrapped, he traveled to Manila in the Philippines for four days to meet with fans, who swarmed his few public events by the thousands.

“I was very surprised and happy,” said Lee. “Many people tell me through SNS (social networking sites) that they wish I would come to their countries, and I want to do that.”

Korean television actors rarely travel worldwide for press events, but Lee has a reputation for going abroad to greet his fans, who incidentally even have a name: “Minoz.” During his Manila visit, that country’s media outlets declared, “Manila falls in love with Lee Min-ho” and “Korea’s superstar sweeps the nation.” In December, he headed to Yokohama, Japan, for an official fan meeting and also to promote Faith, which began airing there last month. He took the No. 1 spot for “Best Hallyu Star” in a Japanese magazine dedicated to Korean dramas in June of 2012. Last April, his appearance at an opening event in Xi’an for Semir, a major Chinese clothing brand, brought in so many fans, police officers had to shut down the event.

Of course, the star’s travels are strategic, too, and reflect the fact that he has been very successful in getting a number of endorsement deals outside of Korea. Lee has been tapped by the Filipino clothing brand Bench, and he serves as Toyota’s celebrity spokesman. The actor even stars in mini-YouTube dramas that strategically feature the Camry.

Though many Hollywood stars often try to escape attention, Lee is active on several social networking sites, including Facebook (he has over 6.4 million fans) and Twitter, with almost a million followers. He said he likes that this type of media gives him a more direct way to connect with his fans.

For Korean celebrities, maintaining a strong fan base is almost more important than actual talent. In an industry where it’s not uncommon to see fans stalking their favorite stars, it’s also the fans that keep the celebrities in business.

Lee often calls his fans “precious” and gushes about their support as “the source of my confidence and focus.” He said that he is constantly asking his staff to teach him new languages and phrases in order to better communicate with his foreign fans.

While it’s hard to take Lee seriously when he states things like, “I survive on the love of fans,” the sheer amount of times he remarks on his appreciation for his “Minoz” in public seems to indicate that he’s either incredibly aware of the power his fans hold, or he’s genuinely grateful.

Even when asked about how he deals with the more overzealous ones, he responds diplomatically. “So many of [my fans] recognize me, so it’s hard for me to live my personal life, and I do have some fans who are overly passionate,” said Lee. “But I’m of the belief that if I respect them sincerely, they’ll respect my personal life in return.”

But he also told the Manila press recently that he values his privacy and sneaks into movie theaters at certain times in the day, when he knows he’s less likely to attract a crowd. “I’ve mastered which theater to go to and at what time,” he said.

His caution is understandable, given that Korean celebrities have to deal with the wrath of netizens (online citizens) who seem to yield an alarming amount of influence in the country, which is the most wired nation in the world. Scandals can end careers, and online witch-hunts aren’t uncommon.  Fans, even die-hard ones, have been known to turn against celebrities at the drop of a hat, proven most notably with 2PM’s Jay Park and Epik High’s Tablo, both music stars who suffered from a reversal of fame for scandals that would hardly bat an eye in America.  (Tablo became the victim of an online witch-hunt that questioned his Stanford University credentials, of all things.)

Even something like dating must be handled carefully, though, when news broke of Lee’s relationship with City Hunter co-star Park Min Young, the reaction was fairly neutral. The relationship ended only a few months later, but it was still notable that the two high-profile celebrities were able to admit to their relationship.

So, perhaps Lee’s careful dealing with his fans is working. And no one can deny that his power over such a large number of fans is a factor when he’s up for roles. Faith, for example, was in the works for three years, with networks and actors (including Lee) passing on it, until Lee picked up the script again and decided to sign on as the lead. Almost immediately, SBS, the broadcaster behind City Hunter, gave it a prime time slot.

Lee’s appeal to Korean entertainment executives doesn’t just come from his domestic appeal; it draws also from his huge international fan base, which means, even if a drama starring Lee happens to be a flop in Korea, broadcasters can still distribute the drama overseas—for a hefty profit.

Notably, even Lee, who’s been labeled a “hallyu (Korean wave) star,” doesn’t quite understand the appeal Korean shows have overseas.

“I think there’s an exclusive emotional element in Korean dramas,” he said.  “It’s hard to explain in words, and it’s actually a question I want to ask the fans.”

Knowing Lee’s reputation, it probably is something he will ask his fans at some point.

For now, though, when asked about his goals for 2013, his answer is overly general, perhaps reflecting the wide open future of a rising star his age.

“In 2013, I want to take on either movies or dramas, in a variety of genres,” said Lee, who as a youth dreamed of being a soccer player. “It’s my goal to meet a good project and show a different side of myself.”


Lee Min Ho 이민호 "My Everything" Press Conference in 

Manila, Philippines July 2013


July 05, 2013

LEE MIN HO's Interview with renowned Talkshow host, Boy Abunda, in his segment "Ikaw Na!" on BANDILA (a news and current affairs program shown late at night) with Sam Oh, Korean-Filipino host and TV Personality.

Lee Min 이민호 Ho on TV Patrol (Philippine news show)

Interview on TV Patrol (with entertainment news reporter and Sam Oh, Korean-Filipino

 TV Personality and Lee Min Ho's interpreter. 

Lee Min Ho said that he really loves eating Filipino staple dish-- Adobo.  He also wants to be able to visit Boracay. And to be able to jam with the Filipino-American grammy award winner, Bruno Mars.

At the concert, he said that he will be showing his butt dance performance which he prepared
for the fans. 


25 questions for Korean superstar Lee Min Ho


Posted at 07/05/2013 

MANILA, Philippines -- Lee Min Ho may be considered a "superstar" for his wild popularity across Asian countries, but the actor-turned-recording artist sees himself as any other average person.

"I think I'm really ordinary. I'm a 27-year-old young man, and as many others out there, I like sports, I like going out to eat something yummy. I'm very normal," he said.

The South Korean actor's statement came only hours after his arrival in the Philippines caused a stir at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) late Thursday, with hundreds of screaming fans welcoming him for a second time in the country.

Having first visited Manila in November last year for a "meet-and-greet" with his Filipino fans, Lee, this time, is set to perform in his own concert as part of his "My Everything" tour.
To be held at SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City on Saturday, July 6, the concert is presented by local lifestyle brand Bench, which has Lee as one of its celebrity endorsers.

On Friday, Lee sat down with ABS-CBN News' Gretchen Fullido and "Bandila" anchor Boy Abunda in separate interviews to relate his experience in the Philippines so far, and why, precisely, he decided to venture into a recording career despite admittedly not being a singer.

Lee, who was last seen on ABS-CBN as the lead star of the action series "City Hunter," also discussed what his fans can expect at his concert, and what's still ahead from him as an actor.

Question: How does it feel to be back in the Philippines?

Lee, through an interpreter: Last time I was here, I was very, very touched by the fans, so immediately I thought, I wanted to come back. I'm very happy to be back. It hasn't even been a year, but I'm very happy to be back.

What is it about your Filipino fans that you love the most?

I feel that my Filipino fans are very innocent, very passionate at the same time. When I was here the last time, I saw that, and I really wanted to come back to see that again.

This is your second time in the Philippines. Have you ever tried any Filipino food?

When I was here last time, I tried adobo. That's the most memorable one. I tried a lot of Filipino food, but I can't really remember except adobo. So this time, I plan to take my time, enjoy the Filipino dishes and try many other different food as well.

What about vacations? Have you been anywhere else in the Philippines?

No, just Manila. I've heard so many good things about the beautiful islands of the Philippines. Last time I was here, people were telling me about Boracay, but not only Boracay. I hear that there are many other beautiful islands, so I plan to go island-hopping very soon.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in music?

I first became popular when I was doing "Boys Over Flowers" about four years ago. Since then, I've been doing a lot of fan meets. In occasions like this, I would sing once in a while to entertain the fans, and I wanted to... this is not a serious pursuit, to become a singer. This is really more of a gift I wanted to give to the fans. I wanted to sing my own songs and give that as a gift to my fans, and that is what this album is about.

Which song from your album are you dedicating to your Filipino fans?

My song called "Love Motion." It's a fast dance track, and I feel that the Filipino fans will really like it.

What can we expect from your concert on Saturday?

I will be performing seven songs, four of them are ballads, and three, more upbeat dance tracks. That's what the fans can expect.

So far, what has been the craziest experience you've had on tour?

The first time see my fans stood up during a show, because there's a song in the album called "Love Motion," it's a very exciting track. I've never seen the fans stand as I perform. So I felt, "Oh my gosh, I actually have the power to make people stand up!" It was really nice for me to experience, to excite my audience.

If you can sing a duet with another singer, who would it be?

My singing isn't at the level of a singer, so I feel that the professional singers wouldn't want to have a duet with me! Maybe not with professional singers first. I'll have to practice, and what I would like to do is pull a fan on the spot during a concert and do a duet with a fan.

How about a Hollywood or Filipino star you'd want to work with?

First of all, I feel there is so much I have to improve as an artist. It doesn't really matter to me what the nationality of the star is. It's hard for me to choose, because there are so many talented people out there, and I want to wok with so many of them. But if I had to choose, one that comes to mind, and one that I'm personally a fan of is the part-Filipino singer, Bruno Mars.

As an actor, what is the role that is closest to your heart?

Every project that I do, there is a certain affection that I feel with every character. But if I had to pick one, it would be the character that I played in "City Hunter." That character is very memorable for me, because at the end of that show, there was a scene there where I just kept crying and crying, thinking of my father. That scene is very close to my heart.

After "City Hunter," what is next?

I just finished shooting a period piece called "The God." And then the next one, I'll be shooting starting next month, is a teen romance TV show called "The Heirs." I play a 19-year-old high school student. This is the first time I'll be wearing a uniform again after "Boys Over Flowers," so I'm excited, and for the fans as well to see it.

How do you take care of yourself?

I'm actually in preparation for the new show, because I'm going to start shooting soon. I have been working out. It's not really a diet, but I avoid food I probably shouldn't eat. Nothing too extreme, but I do work out.

What is your favorite food? Your comfort food?

Anything meat.

Sweet or spicy?


Rice or noodles?


Action or drama?


Curly or straight?


Make-up or no make-up?

No make-up.

Acting or singing?

(laughs) Acting.

What is the best thing about being Lee Min Ho?

First, it's fun, because I get to do a lot of new things. I encounter a lot of new experiences, so it's fun.

If you were to describe your life in one word, what would that be?

This is very hard (laughs). Very hard... "Dream." Because I feel that everyday, something unexpected happens. Everyday, I get to experience something new, so it's like a dream.

What is the song that best describes Lee Min Ho?

"Almost Paradise." The song is close to my heart because it's part of the "Boys Over Flowers." I feel like it's a song that I can use to make an appearance, where I can just pop up, and that song will play.

Who is your everything?

It would be No. 1, the people who make what I do possible, the fans, my family, and the people around me who I care about.

You are in paradise. Who is with you?

This is so hard! (laughs) Alone. I don't know how big this paradise is, but if I brought everybody who is special to me, it might get crowded. It's hard to choose.

What's your message to your Filipino fans who are excited to see you in concert?

Here I am again for the second time in the Philippines. I hope to see everyone there, we'll have a great time!


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