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  1. Forevermore is a 2014 Philippine romantic comedy television series directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, starring Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano.
  2. First episode date: October 27, 2014
  3. Final episode date: May 15, 2015
  4. Languages: Filipino, English
  5. Genres: Drama, Romantic comedy
    The story is about a rebellious young adult who is also an heir to a chain of Grande Hotels, where the main hotel is in Baguio City.   Xander or Alexander Grande III, a happy-go-lucky male YA, finds himself in a place in the mountains where the people toil lands and plant strawberries without any comfortable amenities. There he met a small community of people who treat each other as one family. They wake up very early in the morning, work together, and find simple pleasures together before they retire to bed. But despite facing so many challenges in their lives, they do not get intimidated. They fight for what is right, especially with the land they can now call their own.
    Xander learns how to be sensitive to the needs and emotions of others, not only his own. He also learns the true value of family, hardwork, and keeping promises. While he stays in La Presa, he gradually falls for this simple, but pretty lass who taught him the importance of acceptance, love, and trust.

    Xander, being the heir, and Agnes being a simple farm girl, their relationship will take them to new levels of challenges as they get involve with entanglements and disputes with their respective families and former relationships. Would Xander and Agnes go out of their way to fight for what once was their great love?
    Hands down to this series.

    TRIVIA:  The place in Benguet, Baguio in the Philippines has become one of the fave tourist attractions in the country as of to date due to the TV series's success that the place.  Sitio La Presa is not really the real name of the place where the setting of the series began. And Mt. Pulag and Cafe In the Sky in Sto. Tomas have been frequented now by tourists due to the view of the sea of clouds.

    Liza Soberano has appeared in some TV series and movies as either a minor talent and/or second lead.  Her natural acting talent has shown more in the series Forevermore that's why the viewers have loved her since then. 

    Enrique Gil and Liza have been paired in the movie,  She's The One.


    THE CAST: 

    Enrique Gil

    Liza Soberano 

                     Sofia Andres                                                   Diego Loyzaga

               Joey Marquez                         Irma Adlawan

           Zoren Legaspi                               Lilet

    The Twins-- Joi and Jai


    OH MY G!

                                                              Janella Salvador

                                                                                                       Janice De Belen

                          Marlo Mortel                                                 Manolo Pedrosa

                  EDGAR ALLAN GUZMAN

                HAZEL KINOUCHI



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