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WOW!!!  It's been a long time that I have not been updating my blog!  I've missed you so much!

I have just been busy with stuff that was why I was not able to visit this site for --- how many months? Three or Four.  

But I have news for you.  I have discovered a library of free online readings and that is only on Wattpad.

Funny, since I have just started browsing some of the stories but have never finished at least one story-- LOL!

Wattpad has been giving the Professional and Aspiring Writers / Authors a chance to post some of their written works. Some have been discovered by Publishers, and some had been turned into a Film.  Others were already authors of published books and used Wattpad to promote their works by posting a few chapters of the story/ies.  It's just interesting to know that there are really so many very good writers out there who would like to share their stories based purely on imagination.  And others are still waiting to be discovered. 

The only difference that I see is that, it takes a while for me to finish reading a book online compare to reading an actual book that I'm holding. LOL!

I like reading other english stories on Wattpad, but some are from ebooks and books that I found online. There are also wattpad stories translated in english-filipino languages, and english languages.

Here are some of  Wattpad Stories that I have read so far: 

1.  Love Your Frenemies - English Text - MinaVE - Filipino Author -

2. Fairy Tale Fail - English Text - MinaVE - Filipino Author -

3. Got A Crush On You - Filipino-English Text - ThisOriginalAuthor - Filipino Author

4. Finding Cinderella - Englisn Text - ColleenFenellHoover - American Author -

5. The Kissing Booth - English Text - Reekies - American Author -

6. Project Popularity - English Text - MelTheBookAddict - American Author -

7. Hey You! Ms. Pretending To Be One - Filipino-English Text - Barneyeols - Filipino Author -

8. The Only Girl In the Band - English Text - youXfoundXme - American Author -

9. Academie Beat/Campus Beat - Filipino-English text - ThisOriginalAuthor - Filipino Author

10. A Complicated Commitment - Filipino-English Text - ThisOriginalAuthor -

11. Tattoo, the generation - Filipino - English Text - ThisOriginalAuthor (Action)-

Maybe I will have to add some more to my bucket list after I am done reading all of these.  

Some of the stories I've been trying to read are from the ebook sites such as barnes and noble, kobo, etc.


I have gotten the consent  to post the book covers of one of the Authors of Wattpad.  I like the story because it was a romantic-comedy.  

Miss  ThisOriginalAuthor gave me permission to post the covers and the music video for her imaginary BAGETS story. I am also helping promote her stories.

In the Philippines, B.A.G.E.T.S means Teenage Boys and Girls.  Before, I was thinking  why Filipinos call this as such until I researched for it.  The original BAGETS story was introduced through a Philippine movie under Viva Films during the 80's featuring the cute celebrity boys and girls at that time, and heartthrobs of their generation.

Below is the movie video with it's theme song--- Growing Up by Gary Valenciano and Just Got Lucky sang by JoBoxer. 

Starring:  William Martinez, Aga Muhlack, Herbert Bautista, JC Bonin, and Raymond Lauchengco

  source :


This BAGETS version of ThisOriginalAuthor is a story of college students who are into music such as Filipino Pop or FPOP, TV Series by Filipino/ Korean/ Taiwanese, social media sites i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Wattpad, and the mushrooming of various state-of-the-art gadgets such as newest models of cellphones, iPads (tabs/pocket wifi), iPods, and much more.

The celebrities that the author chose to portray her characters in the novel are Sam Concepcion, Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, James Reid--all are actors who can sing and dance.  While for the female celebrities are Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Barretto, Liza Soberano, and Janella Salvador who portray as the Socialite Girl Group.

The story is about four pairs of good-looking college freshmen who are studying in an International academy in the Philippines.  All of them face issues on family, friends, and peer pressure but also the story focuses on what makes the present teens enjoy growing up. Of course,  there is only one thing that binds them and made their friendship solid, it's their dream of becoming FPOP Superstars in the Philippines and recognized around the world.

While I was reading the story by chapter, there is a note from the author to click the music audio/video to the right to think of the story as a musical Teen romantic comedy-drama, and the singing voices of the characters were the real voices of some of these main celebrities portraying the story characters.  Those celebrities who can sing and who have music videos are part of the main leads --- Sam Concepcion, Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, James Reid, and Janella Salvador.

Visit  and read the story which is still in the process of finishing the chapters. 





No matter how many singing competitions he joins, despite having a good voice, Monfort never wins. At the school where he starts his day as a college student, he meets DJ, known as the ‘piranha’ bully, who refuses to get out of his comfort zone. Then came along a new school transferee, Raoul, who used to be a bully; then, later learns to change his character and outlook toward friends, and on love. The charming and cool guy, Alex, for some reason, hates the I.G. group. Monfort hopes to become the Next Generation FPOP Idol, so he convinces his newfound friends to form an all male group to compete in the Search for The New FPOP Superstars competition.

As the competition nears, each of them faces unexpected turn of events and exclusive revelations with an all female ‘bitchy’ group, Incredible Girls, or better known as I.G. Will these affect their journey toward their dreams, or would it be toward disbandment?

Catch the story of the eight leads episode per episode until the competition begins… And ends.

My Take:

I just so love the story!!! It was like reading a college romance-comedy-light drama musical done in the Philippines!

This is why I asked permission from the author if I could post this in my blog so that you will also be informed.  I just kept clicking on the Music Videos each time I read every chapter of the story and imagined that the characters were the ones singing--- I just followed what the author said in her notes on Wattpad and it worked!

If this is going to be made into a movie or TV series, then I think that it is going to sell like hotcakes. 

FYI. The book title was changed to Academie Beat and it is already available on eBook (Windows as a PDF or Adobe reader, iPhone, iPad, Android, EPUB, Sony Reader, Palm, MOBI, etc.) and as a book available in Amazon, etc. 

Go to your favorite online retailers such as Amazon, Kobo, Flipreads, etc. and just type the Book Titles so you can find the ebook and book formats.

It is written in a mix of  English and Filipino languages (it is also specified in the book cover).

And the author is now my friend!

If you happen to visit Wattpad, kindly look for this title "Academie Beat" by ThisOriginalAuthor 

Visit this author's page:

Purchase  the ebook  format at: 

KOBOBOOKS.COM : = P151.45 (Downloadable on EPUB) = P151.45

FLIPREADS.COM    :  = P180.00 (Downloadable on EPUB)   = P150.00 (EPUB)

SCRIBD.COM   :   = P134.34          

NOTE : Get your Free Subscription for 1 month at You may also download Scribd app for unlimited reading opportunities.

US$3.99 = P 178.59
US$2.99 = P 133.83

Amazon Kindle :ÉMIE-BEAT-Louise-S-ebook/dp/B00NTERMA0
USS$ 5.99 = P 268.05 (can be read without internet)
US$ 4.99 = P 223.30 (can be read without internet)

Purchase the Physical Book at : 

AMAZON.COM (US, European Union, UK)

BARNES & NOBLE US$10.28 = P460.13
US$ 6.50 = P291.07

I'm glad that there is a Filipino eBook website,, where Filipinos in the Philippines can easily purchase and pay for the eBook without having to use a credit card to give out the card number online, instead, payment can be made in 7-11 convenient stores, Paypal, M Lhuiller, online and over-the-counter banks like BDO, RCBC, BPI, Metrobank, Chinabank, EastWest Bank.



She was in her Sophomore year of high school while he was a college Junior when her mother married his father.  Instantly, they bécame step-siblings, but they were always in each other’s throats. 

Six years passed, but she still feels that she is always a nuisance in her stepbrother’s eyes. He never, ever stops mocking her whenever they meet, he treats her only as his stepsister, acts as if she owes him her life, and he doesn’t regard her with respect as a woman. Contrary to what her friends tell her, she does not believe that any of these is a man’s way to show that he is interested in a certain woman. Then, why is she always expecting for him to somehow like her if she is convinced that he does not? 

But the more that she finds herself drawn to him, the harder it is for her to admit her true feelings for him.

My Take: 

The main character, Marielle Gonzales, was really funny.  I was a bit annoyed by her fickle-mindedness but I truly understood where she was coming from.  There are some lines in their conversations that are funny, and some parts that are interesting.

Go to your favorite online retailers such as Amazon, Scribd,  Kobo, Flipreads, etc. and just type the Book Titles so you can find the ebook and book formats.  

It would be so nice if this story will also be made into a movie or TV series. 

Purchase  the ebook  format at: 

KOBOBOOKS.COM : = P151.45 (Downloadable on EPUB) = P151.45

FLIPREADS.COM    :  = P180.00 (Downloadable on EPUB)   = P150.00 (EPUB)

SCRIBD.COM   :   = P134.34   = P 179.27
NOTE : Get your Free Subscription for 1 month at You may also download Scribd app for unlimited reading opportunities.

US$3.99 = P 178.59
US$2.99 = P 133.83

Purchase the Physical Book at : 

AMAZON.COM (US, European Union, UK)

BARNES & NOBLE US$10.28 = P460.13
US$ 6.50 = P291.07


This is another story that this author--ThisOriginalAuthor--has posted on Wattpad. It's a sci-fi - fantasy - action - adventure - romance all in one story that is quite new and under the Filipino Heroine genre. For me, the author has been trying to create a new Filipino Heroine of modern generation, and I guess she made me get hook on the story.

I have learned that there is going to be a Part 2 of the story. We'll see how the heroine's new adventures will resurface.



The story was written by Haveyouseenthisgirl, a Wattpad author in the Philippines.  She had gained millions of teen readers for this funny romantic-comedy novel.  The unedited wattpad story was published under VIVAPSICOM, and translated into a movie under VIVA Films.

The story is about a girl with so many pimples on her face.  She was hired to become the personal nanny of a hunky, rich, spoiled student named, Cross. (Come to think of it, despite of his bad boy attitude, he still managed to be serious with his position as student council president.)

Starring:  Nadine Lustre as Eya
                James Reid as Cross Standford
                Andre  Paras as Chad
                Yassi Pressman as Lorie


My Take :

This is the first ever Wattpad story that was made into a movie by Viva Films (home of teenage love stories during the 80's) in the Philippines.

What I like about the story? Well, I cannot relate very well because the flow was not much of my interest BUT the scenes that I will never ever forget are the first scene (Where Eya was picking her nose) and the very last part where Cross began to reveal his feelings for her with so much feelings.


She's Dating the Gangster

This was written by Bianca Bernardino, the creator of this story on Wattpad.  Another teen story that was published in Pop Fiction, an imprint of Summit Media publishing, is translated into a movie under Star Cinema. 

Athena Dizon collaborated with Kenji de los Reyes to pretend that they were in a relationship in order to win over his ex-girlfriend.  By so doing, Athena was beginning to fall in love with Kenji. 

How will Athena love Kenji when her days are numbered? Will Kenji finally realize he truly loves Athena?


Starring:   Kathryn Bernardo as Athena
                      Daniel Padilla as Kenji

Full Trailer


My Take: 

I just would like to laugh a lot because I was asked to give my opinion about the story which I did not think I could. One thing I should have liked seeing is Daniel Padilla in the year 2014 appeal in the entire movie. The story talked about the 90's heyday romance of both the leads but I do not seem to agree much on the appeal of Daniel there. I think the scenes are just right but it would be perfect if his haircut was different to match with the 90's scenes.

What's also funny was that I have seen the entire movie which I'd  watched on YouTube (as a matter of fact) and cried in the end. While my sisters just took a peek of the last scene and they were immediately touched even without seeing the entire story, so they almost cried. Imagine that! In other words, the impact of the last scene to the audience was just that good!


Viva Films and Skylight Entertainment (ABS-CBN)

My Take: 

Again, I've seen the entire movie on YouTube. I believe that this story was better shown as a TV series instead in the big screen.  For me, the story was kind of dragged a bit when it could have been stretched with more scenes. I don't know why the Lucky 13 gangmates were never given more exposure and dialogues.  Compared to the movie Bagets & Hot Shots during the 80's that I've seen, each of the characters, whether they are the leads or supporting characters, they were given exposure and more dialogues and acting.

More Wattpad movies to watch out for!

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