`Dao Ming Si' is Bench model

FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
The Philippine Star 09/10/2003

First, the bad news (as you must have known by now): Jerry Yan,
a.k.a. Dao Ming Si (in the smash-hit chinovela Meteor Garden), is
not coming for the concert at the old ULTRA on Saturday, Sept.
13...and neither will Vic Zhou (a.k.a. Hua Ze Lei). Only two F4
members, Ken Zhu (a.k.a. Xi Men) and Vanness Wu (a.k.a. Mei Zuo),
are performing (along with, among others, Barbi Xu, a.k.a. Shan Cai
and/or Big S, and her sister Little S), so it's not really an F4 but
only an "F2" concert. Better than none at all, 'no?

And now, the good news: Jerry Yan/Dao Ming Si has just been signed
up as the newest Bench endorser. The pictorial for the Bench
posters/billboards will be done in Hong Kong anytime now. Richard
Gomez, the original Bench model, will be there to formally welcome
Dao Ming Si to the fast-growing Bench Family (also including Jomari
Yllana, Wendell Ramos, Richard Gutierrez, Marc Nelson, Assunta de
Rossi, Diether Ocampo, Robby Mananquil, etc.).

How did Bench big boss Ben Chan close the deal with Dao Ming Si?

Trade secret, of course. You see, Ben Chan (who has opened several
Bench outlets in China) has his own Chinese connections, and so...

Richard will also do a one-on-one with Dao Ming Si to be telecast on
GMA's Sunday-afternoon show S-Files sometime in October.

Dao Ming Si, 26 (born in Taiwan on January 1, 1977, a Capricorn), is
the same guy (with his fellow F4 members) in the Pepsi TV commercial
emerging from inside a Pepsi delivery truck. That commercial was
shot a few years back and its release in the Philippines was timed
with the F4 rage.

Dao Ming Si's real name is Yen Cheng Xu but people call him Xiao Bai
Tu which means "small white rabbit" and Bao Long ("Fierce Dragon").
Every F4 fan knows that he's the leader of F4 and, as Dao Ming Si,
he likes to torment students foolish enough to challenge him. When
Shan Chai makes the mistake of crossing paths with him, Dao Ming Si
swears to make her life a living hell.

Before joining F4, he starred in some commercials, making him the
most popular member when the F4 was organized. In his spare time,
Dao Ming Si plays basketball and attends parties only every now and
then. His hobby is collecting sunglasses.

Now, did you know that Dao Ming Si is nervous when asked to do a
kissing scene? It took 20 takes before he could kiss Barbi Xu/San
Chai properly!

Guess what the blood type of this hunk is – yes, Type B!