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These Philippine TV Series are a must-see.  Highly recommended because of the quality of production and storyline. Including the wise casting, the creation of the dialogue, the artists' intonation & control of voices as they say their dialogues in a given scene, their facial expressions and body movements.  All these make  Filipino TV Dramas and Movies more captivating & most watched around the world. 

I was never a fan of our local TV series when I was younger.  I came to like watching Annaliza only because of the "exciting" factors that it brought to my senses when handsome boys were fighting over this simple, yet interesting girl. That was in the 80's.  When RPN 9, a renowed TV Network at that time, had bought rights for Mexican Telenovela, Marimar, I never failed to watch it eventhough the series had been dubbed in our language "Filipino". It was funny at first because while the characters' lips were moving, the dialogues were coming in late or sometimes ahead. With the way the characters were carrying their clothes, how great their looks were, how fashionable and sexy their outfits were, specifically if a pretty leading lady shows off a fierce personality and stands up for what she believes in--those things had opened up a great deal to a major tv network, and that would be my favorite TV Station, ABS-CBN.

I started liking local series again in the year 2000 when a really interesting story shines in our tv screens, it's Pangako Sa 'Yo. Just like how the characters in Marimar appeared on screen, that's what the characters in Pangako had emulated. The 80's stars who were not that popular before had turned out to become the fashion icons of the 21st century generation in Philippine television.

March 30, 2013 when I googled some of our local tv series, trying to feed my interest to know which of the TV series had reached the global arena.  Pangako Sa 'Yo (The Promise), is the number 1 teleserye that had caught the global viewership's attention. It had become the best TV Series that I came to love to watch during that period next to Meteor Garden (a Taiwanese, feel good, tv series that also became a huge hit worldwide). The next day, as I turned the center of the page of our Panorama magazine brought home by my sister on Sunday, I was surprised to see the page informing me of our teledramas that conquered the Asian shores! (coincidence!?)

Let me post what was written by the writer Nestor Cuartero.

For a change, you won't have to miss a meal, shed a tear or skip a heartbeat while absorbing the intricacies, the repercussions of the latest in Philippine telenovelas.

Consider these twists and turns:

The remake "Mara Clara" gained an average of 1.5 million viewers during a recent run in Malaysia. (by me: Mara Clara was a remake of the 80's looonnngg running daily soap opera ).

Pangako Sa 'Yo, the telenovela that launched Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa as drama stars, will be reproduced as a Cambodian TV series by Cambodian Television Network in 2013. Its international title is The Promise, but in Malaysia, it goes by the local title, Satu Cinta.  Already, Pangako has made household names our of Echo and Tin-Tin, who are widely known for their characters Angelo and Ina, respectively, in the ever popular series.

What's more, owing to his widespread popularity in Malaysia, Jericho's management is currently in talks with a Malaysian film company for a possible movie project.  Since 2002, when the series ended its 2-year run, the series has been aired in over 20 foreign territories.

Here's more.  Current morning hit "Be Careful with My Heart" will soon make its way as a daily series in Malaysia.

Mara Clara and Pangako Sa 'Yo are just two of a handful of ABS-CBN teleseryes that have found their way into TV screens across Asia.  When it comes to Philippine drama series that cross borders, ABS-CBN Corporation believes it has proved that it is the premier provider of such content in Asia.

A recent statement by the network trumpeted that out of the 30,000 hours of various content, it has soled worldwide since 2000, ABS-CBN International Distribution has sold approximately 40 percent of these to 11 Asian countries, enabling non-Filipino, Asian viewers to enjoy top calibre Filipino programs on their own television screens.

Leng Raymundo, head of network's International Distribution, said that among Asian countries, Malaysia is the tp buyer of ABS-CBN dramas with more than 3,000 hours of content sold to Malaysian TV Networks Astro Bella and TV3 since 2000.

Some of the titles sold to Astro Bella, Malaysia;s first in-house pay TV channel for telenovelas, include "Magkaribal", "Prinsesa ng Banyera", "Dahil May Isang Ikaw", "Impostor", "Imortal", "Budoy", and "Iisa Pa Lamang."

Raymundo says these account for the 850 hours of content bought from ABS-CBN by this TV channel owned by the Malaysian satellite provider Astro. "Dahil May Isang Ikaw" (Destined Hearts) is Astro Bella's highest-rating Filipino drama, registering an amazing 67 percent audience share.

TV3, Malaysia's first commercial television station, meanwhile, has bought 95 hours of content from ABS-CBN through Malaysia's leading integrated media investment group, Media Prima.

One of the shows it has acquired is "Mara Clara," which proved to be a big hit during its run in TV3 after it has successfully gained an average of 1.5 million viewers.  The Malaysian network is set to air  Philippine remake of "My Girl" in 2013 and this early, has expressed a strong interest to acquire "My Binondo Girl", and "Be Careful with My Heart."

Cambodians are likewise shaping up to be avid viewers of ABS-CBN dramas.  ABS-CBN has sold 28 canned shows to Cambodian TV channels capped by the recent landmark deal made with Cambodian Television Network (CTN) to localize the hit primetime series "Pangako Sa 'Yo" by 2013.

Aside from Malaysia and Cambodia, other Asian territories where ABS-CBN titles have been sold for a non-Filipino audience are Brunei, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, and Taiwan.

In these countries, our very own "Lobo" is known as She-Wolf: The Last Sentinel, "Maging Sino Ka Man" is More Than Love, while "Gulong ng Palad" is Stand for Love.

Another program, "Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay" (The Long Wait), has been dubbed in French and goes by the international title, La Longue Attente.

A business unit of ABS-CBN , International Distribution has been recognized in the global arena as a reliable foreign content provider and has been a premier source of high quality Filipino programming in over 50 territories all over the world.

The intrusion by Filipino-made drama programs in Asian markets cements the Philippine's reputation as a reputable producer of hight quality programming.



And these dramas were also acquired by other countries that will be aired via their  own TV Networks (not TFC).




Pangako Sa 'Yo revolves around the story of a lovely housemaid, Yna, who falls in love with her senorito, Angelo. Their love story is destined to repeat history.

Years before, Yna's mother, Amor was also a maid in the Buenavista household, wherein Angelo's father, Eduardo was Doña Benita's favored son. When their love affair was discovered, Doña Benita drove Amor away from the Hacienda. Rejected and oppressed, Amor left the province of Puntaverde but vowed to take revenge. Unknown to Eduardo, Amor was already carrying his child, Yna. Eduardo then married the powerful and influential, Claudia.

Amor left two-year old Yna with her mother, Chayong and married a foreigner who brought her to the United States.

But tragedy befell on Chayong and young Yna. Chayong died and Yna was adopted by Tata Isko and was whole-heartedly accepted by the family, natives of Puntaverde.

Yna grew up not knowing her past, until fate led her to Hacienda Buenavista and there, she met Angelo.

Thus, a new cycle of love and passion begins with mysteries and secrets about to unfold.

TV Screen Debut

November 13, 2000 until September 20, 2002 with 480 episodes

Cast and characters

Main Cast

  • Kristine Hermosa as Yna Macaspac/Ynamorata de Jesus-Buenavista - Born from the depths of poverty, Yna's real identity will remain a mystery to her and to her adoptive family, following a tragic accident that separated her from her biological mother, Amor. Only a vision haunts her in the night, the image of an old lady linking her to her distant past.
  • Jericho Rosales as Angelo Buenavista - Angelo is a young man disturbed by his own principles and of his family's disposition leading him to a consistent emotional battle with his parents, governor Eduardo Buenavista and Claudia. But his life will take a drastic turn when he meets Yna, a worker in the hacienda.

Supporting Cast
  • Eula Valdez as Amor de Jesus-Powers - The lowly maid of the Buenavista clan whose love for her Senorito Eduardo extends the boundaries of their differences. Keeping their relationship a secret is as hard as having to please Dona Benita who treats her with cruelty. Her love for Eduardo will be crushed by greed, forcing her to live a life of misery and an endless search for revenge.
  • Jean Garcia as Claudia Zalameda-Buenavista (later Barcial) - The daughter of a political family whose wealth has the ability to save the falling empire of the Buenavistas. Arranged to be married to Eduardo and to his family, Dona Benita will soon taste the wrath of a bitter Claudia.
  • Tonton Gutierrez as Gov. Eduardo Buenavista - The ever-obedient son to the domineering Dona Benita. Enamored with Amor, the housemaid, Eduardo will sacrifice his love for her because of one single lie.
  • Jestoni Alarcon as Diego Buenavista - The eldest son of the Buenavistas. Although a first-born, he always tries to win his mother's heart but is constantly rejected. He lives a life full of envy and deep hatred for his brother Eduardo who always gets the best of everything, including the love of Amor.
  • Amy Austria as Lourdes Magbanua Buenavista - Rescued by Diego from the wayward life, Lourdes' predicament became even worse as they both try to survive a life of poverty after Diego moved out of the Buenavista hacienda.
  • Patrick Garcia as Jonathan - Quietly heeding the call of God, Jonathan is now caught between saving souls and following his heart's desire: Lia Buenavista.
  • Jodi Sta. Maria as Lia Buenavista - The kindhearted daughter of Eduardo and Claudia. Lia bears the pain of being unloved by her own mother. She later falls for Jonathan, a young catechist who gives her the strength to go on living.
  • Vanessa Del Bianco as Bea Bianca Bejerrano / Electrika Powers - Balikbayan who is about to wreak havoc in the lives of Angelo and Yna, Bea Bianca will do anything to keep a man right where she wants him.

International Releases

Other than USA & Canada, Middle East. 

The soap opera was shown (or currently showing) in:
Pangako sa ’Yo was a successful hit in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Namibia and Singapore. Its highest rating in Indonesia was 50.8%, beating the highest rating of Full House (starring Korean star Rain) which was 50.5%.

It was the opening and hit TV series on Bukedde TV 1 in Kampala, Uganda and people would leave work with one word on their lips "Yna", the lead character of the show.

It became a hit in China’s national television and rated second over all local and foreign programs airing. The series even hit the Top 30 list in China’s national weekly rankings, covering over 2,000 channels and capturing 1.3 billion viewers.


On August 14, 2006, Pangako Sa'yo had a rerun on ABS-CBN and on the The Filipino Channel until December 2007.

Reruns are currently shown on Cinema One Global an international affiliate of TFC starting October 17, 2011 - January 2012.
It reaired again on Jeepney TV on Sky Cable Channel 69.
In Malaysia, through local satellite TV channel, ASTRO Bella, starting November 22, will air Pangako Sa'Yo because of high demand. It airs in Tagalog with Bahasa Melayu subtitles. Airs Monday to Friday at 11:00am with encore on the same day and also on weekends with marathon.
In Singapore through local satelite TV Channel from MalaysiaAstro Prima on mio TV Channel 602 starting 10 April 2013, will air Pangako Sa'Yo because of high demand in Singapore due to this series was first shown on MediaCorp Suria on 2007. It airs in Tagalog with Bahasa Melayu subtitles.Airs Monday to Friday at 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM with encore on the same day at 10am and also on 12 midnight on same day.

International Adaptation

The Philippines' most successfully distributed canned TV series worldwide, “Pangako sa’Yo” (“The Promise”), will soon be localized in Cambodia after Cambodian Television Network (CTN) bought its format from ABS-CBN, the Philippines' leading and largest multimedia conglomerate.

(courtesy of Wikipedia.)




73 Episodes


Kim Chiu
Gerald Anderson

                                                                      Book 1
Sana Maulit Muli is about two young lovers who discover how true love can overpower fate and destiny. Small-town girl Jasmine Sta. Maria (Kim Chiu) and Travis Johnson (Gerald Anderson), the illegitimate son of an American soldier, meet as stowaways in a ship sailing from Cebu. They promise to write each other as they were separated; this promise is intercepted as soon as Camille Soriano (Erich Gonzales) deceives Travis by writing to him as Jasmine. In time, Travis' father dies and their family leaves for the Philippines only to meet up with Camille and consequently Jasmine. A rocky start between Jasmine and Travis (when Jasmine was assigned to tutor him after a school brawl) turns into friendship then real love. Jasmine learns later on of Camille's deception and soon after learns that Camille is her younger sister. To make amends with her sister, Jasmine gives away everything for Camille's happiness leading to the break-up. Due to the taunting of Travis' brother Brandon, a twist ensues as Jasmine dies by a bus accident.

                                                                      Book 2
Given a chance to change destiny by the mysterious Mang Andres (Michael de Mesa), Travis leaps back in time to be with the person that he loves. Also, Brandon (Jake Cuenca) falls in love with Bianca (Neri Naig), Clara's (Glydel Mercado) sister. Clara is also Camille's stepmom. Jasmine's mother (Mickey Ferriols) is the true mother of Camille, which means Jasmine and Camille are sisters. But Camille does not know the truth.

Brandon is falling head over heels for Bianca and she does as well, after all his sweet visits to her photo shop. (Bianca is a photographer from Boston who moves back because of the breakup of her boyfriend.) Finally, Bianca gives in, and she accepts Brandon, sleeping in his condo for the night which results to her getting pregnant.

Travis attempts to let Jasmine love him but the fact that Jasmine does not know about their love hinders him. Despite Mang Andres request to Travis of not to reveal what he knows about the past, he stubbornly continues to try to change everything. Every time Travis reveals something from the past, it ultimately causes a ripple in time. For one, he confronts Camille about her lie on being Poknat. Camille insists that she is indeed the real Poknat by singing Poknat and Bokbok's song and showing Travis the heart of the friendship, the sandal (which in Book 1 Camille did not have). Thus, instead of trying to gain Jasmine's love again, Travis could ultimately be changing the fabric of time for the worse; for example, Clara, Camille's stepmom, dies of a fire because of Travis. Jasmine realizes because of her life that Travis is saving, other people are dying in exchange for her life. But earlier, because Travis saved at the bet, Jasmine and Travis won't be disturbed by him and they can finally be together again. As the time comes closer, Travis tries to save Jasmine's life but is mistaken to have mental problems since his paranoia for Jasmine's safety is becoming worse. He's then confined in a hospital.

As the night of Jasmine's death comes, Travis goes through different escapades to escape the hospital, to save her. Finally getting to see each other, Jasmine, still afraid but willing to die, promises to fight for her life. As the moment arrives, an out-of-control truck hits Jasmine and Travis, which left Jasmine safe and Travis in critical condition. Fully shocked by what had happened, Jasmine makes a deal with Mang Andres to keep Travis alive, in exchange for her life. But all plans fail when Travis pursues to die to save Jasmine from dying again. Just in time Jasmine is saved by her parents. Opposite from Book 1, everyone mourns Travis' death, except for Jasmine, because she believes in her heart that Travis and she will be together again. Before going back to the United States, Travis' stepmother, Monica, leaves all of his belongings to Jasmine, as she knows Travis would've wanted her to have them. Jasmine sees the watch that brought Travis back in time. Jasmine goes back in time, during her happiest times with Travis and far away from danger.

With that happening, Mang Andres finally decides to let Jasmine and Travis be, leaving all of them happy and alive. In conclusion, Brandon and Bianca are a happy couple, married and in love, with a new baby son. Jasmine goes to law school and Travis becomes a doctor. She soon graduates and becomes a successful lawyer. Camille becomes a happy teacher. Jasmine and Travis soon marry and are happily together.


International Release

Other than Canada & USA.

This series was sold to TBS under the PTS network, entitled "Chances". It was dubbed in Taiwanese, and premiered on February 18, 2008. In spite of its late in the night schedule at 11:00 PM, it constantly made waves in Taiwan

Also in China & Singapore.



MY GIRL, Filipino version (2008)

It is an adaptation of the Korean Hit series My Girl.

Harvard-educated, Julian is the heir to his grandfather’s hotel business.  Used to being responsible, he is a serious and purposeful young man.  Hence, he is determined to grant his ailing grandfather’s wish for him to search for his long-lost cousin, Hannah.

It is this single-mindedness that drives Julian to hire a tour guide, Jasmine, to impersonate Hannah.  Jasmine is perfect for the job as she is a glib talker who relies on her quick wit and persuasive personality to get by.

The deception forges a bond of friendship between Julian and Jasmine despite their contrasting personalities and social background.  But there is Anika – Julian’s ex-girlfriend who is resolute in reconciling with Julian. Moreover, Julian’s best friend, Nico, is not exactly immune to Jasmine’s charms either.

Can true love emerge from a foundation of lies for Julian to finally have the right to call Jasmine “my girl”?


Kim Chiu 
Gerald Anderson 
Enchong Dee
Alex Gonzaga


International Broadcast

In Malaysia, My Girl is broadcasted on TV3 (Malaysia) with Malaysian Subtitles every Tuesday to Thursday every 10:00am- 11:00am (MST).  

Also in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Myanmar



I Love Betty La Fea (stylized as i ♥ Betty La Fea) is a Philippine drama series that was aired on ABS-CBN, based on the Colombian series Yo soy Betty, La Fea from RCN Television that began airing on September 8, 2008 and ended on April 24, 2009. From October 5, 2009 until May 28, 2010 it was aired in the United States and Canada via The Filipino Channel.


Beatriz Pengson, or simply Betty is an aesthetically challenged career-oriented girl who happens to work in a posh advertising agency known as Ecomoda Manila. In an industry where everyone thrives on beauty and perfection, her lack of good looks and outdated sense of fashion make her an instant outcast amongst her superficial colleagues. Despite her shortcomings, Betty's capabilities and innate kindheartedness have gained her a set of loyal friends.

Betty's lackluster life, however, heads a turn for the better (or is it for worse?) when she meets the man of her dreams Armando Solis, the President of Ecomoda Manila. How will Betty catch the elusive heart of someone who's way out of her league? Is it possible that a good-looking guy like Armando will eventually fall in love with a certified ugly duckling?

Cast and Characters

Main cast

  • Bea Alonzo as Herself / Beatrice "Betty" Pengson; in reality Beatrice Tingson (Beatriz Aurora "Betty" Pinzón Solano) - Her intellectual capabilities and excellent organizational skills make her the perfect secretary for any top brass executive. The problem lies in her odd appearance which has always been a butt of jokes amongst her officemates. Yet not even such harsh treatment can deter her from achieving her goals and from being a nice girl towards other people.
  • John Lloyd Cruz as Armando Solis (Armando Mendoza Sáenz) - He is the epitome of a sophisticated and adventurous bachelor who remains a certified ladies’ man despite his soon-to-be-married status with his possessive girlfriend, Marcella. But the truth is that Armando has no choice but to give in to all her demands because their families are co-founders and owners of the company where he works for as the President.
  • Ai Ai delas Alas as Julia Pengson; in reality Julia Tingson (Julia Solano Galindo de Pinzón) - She plans to work as a domestic helper in London to provide a better life for her family. But her children eventually persuade her to stay especially when Betty gets her first job in Eco Moda.
  • Ruffa Gutierrez as Daniella Valencia (Solis) (gender-swapped Marcela/Daniel Valencia/Wilhelmina Slater) - She is the main antagonist of the series. As the SVP of the ad agency co-owned by her family with the Solis, it is her job to make sure that everything is under control in Eco Moda Manila. Her distrust towards Armando’s capabilities, however, often creates a rift between them. Knowing that he’s the fiancé of her younger sister only intensifies her belief that he’s nothing but a first-class gigolo. Eventually in the series, it become clear that her motives are mainly of revenge.
  • Vhong Navarro as Nicholas "Kulas" Mora (Nicolas Mora) - One can easily single him out in a crowd because of his attention-getting nerdy fashion sense: high-waist pants, checkered polo shirt, and suspenders. Coupled with his weird personality, Nicholas is indeed the exact male counterpart of his best friend Betty La Fea. It is his fervent wish to win the heart of his dream girl Patricia.
  • Megan Young as Marcella Valencia (Marcela Valencia) - For someone who’s born with a silver spoon on her mouth, Marcella is used to getting everything she wants. As a result, her boyfriend suffers the most because of her domineering attitude similar to that of Daniella. Since she’s aware of his womanizing ways, she keeps him under her beck and call at all times.
  • Ronaldo Valdez as Hermes Pengson; in reality Herminio "Miniong" Tingson (Hermes Pinzón Galarza) - As a father, he believes that his daughter can be whoever she wants to be because she’s an intelligent young lady. He is also very protective of Betty when it comes to “potential suitors” like Nicholas or Armando.
  • Sam Concepcion as Andrew Pengson; in reality Andrew Tingson (original character with some resemblance to Justin Suarez from Ugly Betty) - At first glance, you’d think that he’s just a happy-go-lucky kid who’s only out for some fun and excitement. But in truth, he’s a loving son who always wants the best for the Pengson family.

The Bettyful Finale

The final episode, which aired last April 24, 2009, got 41.3% in National TV Ratings conducted by TNS Media Research making the number one TV show on that day.
This is the only version of the Betty Franchise where Betty never had a make over. In this version, she decided to embrace her inner beauty instead of trying to be beautiful.
BETTY LA FEA THEMESONG: "Kagandahan" Performed by Bea Alonzo Words by Roque "rox" B. Santos Music by Jonathan Manalo Arranged by Arnold jallores Mixed & Mastered by Arnold Jallores at Mixsonic Studios The song Kagandahan included at Bea Alonzo debut Album entitled "Bea Alonzo" The Real Me.


  • 5th USTV Students' Choice Awards- Best Daily Soap Opera
  • Ateneo de Davao’s TAO Awards 2009 - Favorite Soap Opera 
  • Bea Alonzo won as best actress in the 1st MTRCB award.
  • John Lloyd Cruz won as best actor in a daily soap opera in 5th USTV Students' Choice Awards.





Kim Chiu 
Gerald Anderson
Jake Cuenca
Coco Martin 

It all started when David Garcia (Miguel Faustmann), a polished navy seal sweeps two women, Ingrid and Marlene, off their feet. One has led a very sheltered life, and the other, forced into prostitution at an early age. But even after David has chosen one of them to become his wife, he gives both Ingrid (Agot Isidro) and Marlene (Cherry Pie Picache) a son.

Both lived apart from each other but fate will soon intervene because not only do their boys (Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson) share one name, David Garcia Jr, they will also love one girl, Audrey King (Kim Chiu).

Will they ever find peace and happiness if their complicated lives are hopelessly intertwined with each other?



2009Catholic Mass Media AwardsBest Drama SeriesWon
2009ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice AwardsPop Kapamilya TV ShowWon
2009ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice AwardsPop Theme Song (Tayong Dalawa by Gary Valenciano)Won
2009ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice AwardsPop Song of the Year (Tayong Dalawa by Gary Valenciano)Nominated
2009ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice AwardsPop TV Character of the Year (Coco Martin as Ramon)Nominated
2009ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice AwardsPop TV Character of the Year (Gina Pareno as Lola Gets)Nominated
2009Star Awards for TelevisionBest Primetime Drama SeriesNominated
2009Star Awards for TelevisionBest Actor in a Drama Series (Coco Martin)Won
2009Star Awards for TelevisionBest Actress in a Drama Series (Agot Isidro)Nominated
2009Star Awards for TelevisionBest Actress in a Drama Series (Gina Pareno)Won
20108th Gawad Tanglaw AwardsBest Television Drama SeriesWon
20108th Gawad Tanglaw AwardsBest Ensemble Performance in a Television DramaWon
20108th Gawad Tanglaw AwardsPresidential Jury Award for Excellence in Acting (Coco Martin)Won
20106th USTv AwardsBest Actress in a Daily Soap Opera (Kim Chiu)Won
20106th USTv AwardsBest Actor in a Daily Soap Opera (Gerald Anderson)Nominated
20106th USTv AwardsBest Daily Soap OperaNominated
2010NSUU TV AwardsBest Performance by an Actor in a Series, Mini-series or TV Movie (Gerald Anderson)Won
2010NSUU TV AwardsBest Performance by an Actress in a Series, Mini-series or TV Movie (Kim Chiu)Won
2010Gandingan AwardsBest Drama SeriesWon

International Releases

Country/RegionNetwork(s)Series premiereSeries Title in Country
Malaysia MalaysiaAstro PrimaApril 6, 2010The Two Of Us
Singapore SingaporeChannel 5August 31, 2010

**Will also soon air in Indonesia, Brunei, and Kenya, with the English title The Two Of Us and will be dubbed in local languages.

My Take:  Very good TV Drama!  Two Thumbs UP!! You would not want to miss a day or an episode ever!!!




My Binondo Girl ( JADE)


Kim Chiu
Xian Lim 
Matteo Guidicelli
Jolo Revilla 
Ai Ai Delas Alas
Richard Yap

My Binondo Girl is the story of Jade Dimaguiba, a girl who spent her life craving the approval and acceptance of her Chinese father Chen Sy (Richard Yap), who attempted to put her up for adoption when she was young because of China’s One Child Policy (wherein couples either put their first child up for adoption or pay a government fine to have a second child). His decision was swiftly made after learning that his Filipina wife Zeny (Ai Ai Delas Alas) is pregnant with a baby boy, which is more favored under the Chinese tradition. In order to protect her child, Zeny returns to the Philippines only to suffer a miscarriage and lose the second child.

Years after, Chen Sy, already a successful business tycoon, finds Zeny to see Yuan, the baby boy. Zeny refuses to tell him his whereabouts but despite this, Chen continues to ignore Jade and disregard her as his daughter. Jade vows to gain her father’s acceptance someday and graduates with top honors to prove to her father that despite her gender, she is a worthy daughter.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Chen loses his other son Chen Sy II (from his second marriage) to an accident and Jade is forced to pose as Yuan in order to get her mother and gradmother Amor (Gina Pareno) out of jail because of Jean (Cherrie Pie Picache), the second wife’s machinations. Jade is helped through her journey by Onyx (Jolo Revilla), her childhood friend and determined suitor; Trevor (Matteo Guidicelli), the happy go lucky stepson of her father’s business partner; and Andy (Xian Lim), who started off as her competition but ended up as one of her staunchest supporters upon learning her dual identity.


The Leading Men

The Cast

Full Trailer

International Releases

Hong Kong
China  (as Jade)

Awards and nominations

2011ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice AwardsPop Kapamilya TV CharacterKim Chiu as Jade/YuanWon
201226th Star Awards for TVBest New Male TV PersonalityRichard Yap as Papa ChenWon

MY TAKE:  Very beautiful story! Two Thumbs UP!! Exciting romantic pairing of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim -- there was a gradual spark in every episode for the two actors and then suddenly, BOOM!! Even the ABS-CBN Network Executives had a thrill of their lives!!!





Money. Stature. Love. Who is the rightful owner and who will win it all?


Ina, Kapatid, Anak (LitMother, Sibling, Child / EnglishHer Mother's Daughter) is aPhilippine television drama directed by Don M. Cuaresma and Jojo A. Saguin. The series premiered on October 8, 2012 on ABS-CBN in the Philippines as part of network's Primetime Bida programming block, and internationally on October 9 on TFC.

The drama follows the lives of Celyn, Margaux, Liam and Ethan and their struggles for poweracceptancefamily and love.

The show was extended due to success in viewership ratings, the second season premiered on January 14, 2013 with the episode featuring the grand revelation of Celyn being the daughter of Julio and Beatriz. The third and final season premiered on March 7, 2013 with the drama opened a new chapter with a time skip focusing on the characters' young-adult stage and business rivalry.



Celyn Buenaventura (Kim Chiu) and Margaux Marasigan (Maja Salvador) grew up living opposite lives. Celyn and her mother Teresa Apolinario (Cherry Pie Picache) lived in poverty in a remote coastal area of Cebu, while Margaux had the life of a princess as heiress to the country’s largest shoe company, with her parents Julio (Ariel Rivera) and Beatrice (Janice De Belen). Not knowing that their lives are intertwined, fate brings them together when they end up studying at the University of the Philippines. Their shared interests make them the best of friends, along with Margaux's boyfriend Ethan (Enchong Dee) and childhood friend Liam (Xian Lim). The four plot to keep Margaux and Ethan's forbidden romance a secret, with Celyn pretending to be Ethan's girlfriend. The truth is discovered, further estranging the four, and Celyn is revealed to be Julio and Beatrice's biological daughter (whom Teresa brought to term and then kidnapped) and Margaux as adopted (but later revealed to be Celyn's twin sister).

Cast and Characters 

Supporting Cast 

Extended Cast




Ina Kapatid Anak is one of the top rating shows of 2013. Last February 21, 2013, the family drama posted an all time high rating of 40.4%.  Its finale episode, which aired on June 14, 2013, registered a whooping 42.9% national rating based on Kantar Media survey.




Almost half of the total Philippine population tuned in to the intense finale of “Her Mother’s Daughter” (“Ina Kapatid Anak) last June 14 as the phenomenal hit primetime series that aired on the Philippines biggest TV network, ABS-CBN, hit an average national TV rating of 42.9 % and an average audience share of 62.6%, according to global audience research group Kantar Media.

The show also dominated the list of most watched programs in the Philippines during its final telecast, and dominated the Twitterverse as well, after various hashtags related to the program trended worldwide on the popular micro-blogging site.

Many Filipinos followed the family drama “Her Mother’s Daughter” (“Ina Kapatid Anak”), topbilled by premier and sought-after Filipina actresses Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador, due to its captivating plot and controversial take on surrogacy. It also centered on the family, which is very dear to the family-oriented Filipino audience. Its success comes close at the heels of ABS-CBN’s phenomenal drama toprater “My Eternal” (“Walang Hanggan”) which dominated the TV landscape in 2012.

“Her Mother’s Daughter” (“Ina Kapatid Anak”) tells the story of Celyn (Chiu) and Margaux (Salvador), two different women who grew up living two very different lives. Celyn was raised in an impoverished family in a province, while Margaux had the life of a princess as the heiress of the country’s biggest shoe company.

They are fated to become the best of friends but only until a well-kept secret from the past is revealed—Celyn is Margaux’s adoptive parents long lost daughter through a surrogate that took her away. Rivalry ensues between the two and they will fight over everything from status, to family, and even love.

“Her Mother’s Daughter” (“Ina Kapatid Anak”) aired weeknights on Philippine television via ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ largest multimedia conglomerate and Filipino master of world-class dramas.

The series will soon air on other countries worldwide via the efforts of ABS-CBN International Distribution, a business unit of ABS-CBN that has been recognized in the global arena as a reliable foreign content provider. It has been a premier source of high quality Filipino programming in over 50 territories all over the world and has sold over 30,000 hours of content worldwide. Living up to this recognition, ABS-CBN International Distribution commits to add to its line-up high-caliber programs and movies with universal storylines and showcase a mixture of distinct facial features ranging from Asian to Hispanic with infusion of multicultural context.

MY TAKE:  If you want to know how an educated, wealthy person can also make mistakes & show  her uneducated side, watch how Janice De Belen portrayed her role who shouts and throws a tantrum everytime she gets angry. You would want to slap her face for being so loud and annoying in the drama! And the face slapping episodes of the female characters -- you would think that you were the one who was being slapped on the face! Since the 70s, the Filipino actors and actresses are really very good at doing this kind of scene on screen.

In real life, the two female characters -- Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador used to be best of friends until Kim learned something that shocked her regarding her former bestfriend's relationship with Kim's former real and reel life sweetheart, Gerald Anderson.  Since the two are professional actors, they just played their characters so well, and acted according to what the script expects them to do despite the rift. 



Maging  Sino Ka Man, seasons 1 & 2(Whoever You May Be/ More Than Love, seasons 1 & 2)



A soap opera that tackles intricate filial relationships among the elite and the poor and how the social economic classes respond to each other, longing for love and justice, Maging Sino Ka Man revolves around the lives of four main characters (Eli, Jackie, Celine, and JB) who each are searching for purpose, freedom, and happiness. The soap has been praised both by audiences and critics for its excellent storyline and powerhouse acting. It was tagged as phenomenal and was widely talked about online. Recurring subplots include a father's masochistic attitude as a result of his hatred toward his deceased mother, an unfaithful wife who redeems herself as a mother, a business tycoon who gives heavy importance to power and creating the "perfect son," a son's submission to his overpowering mother, a young woman's struggles to move beyond her pain, a brother's guilt over a crime and a man's vengeful transformation due to the death of his foster father. A second book of Maging Sino Ka Man has been announced to be aired after the first season, which features a further plot concerning other lives who have left mysteries and questions in Book 1.


Jackie is the only child of Don Fidel, a very powerful banker.  She is set to marry her long time fiancé a shipping magnate – JB.  Being part of a prominent family makes her visible to the public which captured the heart of Eli.

Eli, a simple yet hardworking student who is very much the opposite of Jackie’s social status.  Due to their depressing situation, Eli’s brother was forced to join a group that is set to kidnap Jackie.  Things did not turn out as planned that led Jackie lose her memory and Eli decides to pretend to be Jackie’s husband.  With the passing of time, they fall in love.
While Jackie is believed to be dead, JB finds solace in the arms of Jackie’s cousin, Celine. 

Until an accident occurs and restores Jackie's memory.  Confused and disoriented she decides to return home.  JB and Celine were then forced to deny their relationship.
The entire mishap has made Don Fidel devastated, vengeful and biter.  He swears to make Eli and his family miserable.

“Four lives.  Four hearts.

Everyone hoping for happiness, freedom and true love”.

Awards and Recognitions and In Entertainment

In the 2007 USTv Students’ Choice Awards on Television by the University of Santo Tomas, the phenomenal soap won as the Best Drama Series while John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo won the Best Actor and Best Actress awards, respectively. While in the 2007 PMPC Star Awards, the same soap won as the Best Primetime Drama Series while John Lloyd Cruz won the Best Drama Actor award. In the 2007 Anak TV Seal Awards, the series won as one of The Country’s 10 Most Well-Liked TV Programs.

In 2007, the comedy blockbuster film Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo used the scene where JB is confronted by Celine played by Anne Curtis "Hindi Madali Yun!" and Luis Manzano spoofs Sam Milbys character JB "I Never Said That I Loved You!"

USTv Awards 2007

Best Drama Series
Best Drama Actor (John Lloyd Cruz)
Best Drama Actress (Bea Alonzo)

Star Awards for Television 2007

Best Drama Series
Best Drama Actor (John Lloyd Cruz)

Anak TV Seal Award 2007

Most Well-Liked TV Program



2009BANFF World Television FestivalBest Telenovela ProgramWon
200937th International Emmy AwardsBest Performance by an Actress (Angel Locsin)
Lobo (lit. Wolf) is Philippine supernatural–fantasy horror TV series produced by ABS-CBNthat premiered January 28, 2008 and ran through July 2008. It was top billed by Angel Locsin with Piolo Pascual and was the most expensive teleserye made by ABS-CBN.


Main cast

Angel LocsinLyka Raymundo/OrtegaShe is strongly motivated by her dreams to become a famous fashion designer. But for now, she enjoys her job as a fashion assistant in the "House of Elle". However, her zest for life will be dimmed by the harsh truth of her real nature. On the brighter side, she will capture the elusive heart of Noah. Is her love stronger than the decree of fate?
Piolo PascualNoah OrtegaWorking both as a Second Lieutenant in the Philippine Army also a personal guard for Eleanora Blancaflor, Noah is known for his intelligence, skills and speed in combat. Behind his quiet and mysterious look lies a man who is capable of loving deeply. Will he defy everything he believes in for the sake of love?


The plot revolves around young lovers Lyka Raymundo and Noah Ortega. Lyka is a young woman aspiring to be a fashion designer and works as a fashion assistant in the House of Elle. Her decision to pursue the arts is frowned upon by her Tita Clara Rivero because, according to her, it is not a practical choice.

Noah becomes a second lieutenant of the Philippine Army. During a crucial mission, he saves Don Manolo Sebastian and becomes involved in the battle between the Luna and the Waya.

Lyka's position as fashion assistant to Lady Elle is foreshadowed by the fact that she is believed to be the last hope of her fellow White Wolves (a faction/clan of Filipino werewolves): "Ang Huling Bantay". It is through the House of Elle that Lyka crosses paths with Noah, Lady Elle's bodyguard and driver. Little does she know that he is actually her childhood friend, "Jay-Jay" who she thought was long dead. When Lyka and Noah finally meet and fall in love, something had to tear them apart. Something that Noah can never accept. The blossoming romance between the two is hindered by the presence of Gabrielle Dizon and Anton Rivero. Gabrielle is a deep-penetration agent who attempts to distract Noah while Anton is in love with Lyka and will do anything to prove his love.

There are two opposing groups in the story—the Luna and the Waya. The members of the Luna organization have a grudge against the werewolves while the Waya are the protectors of the Lobo (the werewolves), and they want them to co-exist harmoniously with normal humans.


The show premiered on January 28, 2008 with a rating of 26.4%. This registered a higher pilot reception compared to Palos and Kung Fu Kids in Mega Manila ratings. The series finale got the high ratings of 33.4% (together with The Singing Bee, which garnered 33.2% in the nationwide ratings game according to the NUTAM (Nationwide Urban TV Audience Measurement) conducted by AGB Nielsen.

Awards and Recognitions

200822nd PMPC Star Awards for TelevisionBest Primetime Drama SeriesWon
200822nd PMPC Star Awards for TelevisionBest Drama Actor (Piolo Pascual)Won
200822nd PMPC Star Awards for TelevisionBest Drama Actress (Angel Locsin)Nominated
20087th Gawad TanglawBest Primetime Drama SeriesWon
2008Anak TV Seal AwardsMost Well-Liked TV ProgramWon
2009BANFF World Television FestivalBest Telenovela ProgramWon
200937th International Emmy AwardsBest Performance by an Actress (Angel Locsin)Nominated
2010National Commission for Culture and the Arts of the PhilippinesRecognition (Angel Locsin)Won

International Release

The series will soon be shown in different countries in Asia with the English title of She Wolf: The Last Sentinel. ABS-CBN Teleseryes penetrate TV landscape in other countries as it was also set to be aired in Thailand television.

And This Series Is Set To Premiere Soon On South Korea Via Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation Which Was Also The Network Creates Successful Korean Drama Such As Princess Hours, Perfect Match and Heartstrings.

Currently aired in Brunei and will be released in Indo-ChinaAsiaEurope, and Africa this year.

International Broadcasts

Other than USA, Canada, Europe & the Middle East
South Korea

CountryAlternate title/translationTV network(s)AirdateWeekly schedule
 UgandaShe WolfBukedde TV 1January - May 2013Thursday-Friday at 17:30


In 2010, ABS-CBN decided to produce a sequel of the series entitled, Imortal. According to, Lia, also played by Angel Locsin, is the daughter of Noah and Lyka Ortega.

Released in Malaysia and Cambodia.

International Broadcast

After it's successful run, ABS-CBN decides to air the rights of the series outside of the country under its English title Imortal. MBC was officially acquired the franchise of the airing series Including The First Season Lobo.
Country/RegionChannelPremiere dateTitle in Country
South Korea South KoreaMBC2014불멸의 (Immortal)

My Take:

Perfect tandem for Piolo Pascual & Angel Locsin, beautiful couple onscreen. Piolo's action scenes make him look more appealing while Angel is like the Angelina Jolie of the Philippines who has the figure and the moves in doing action, too. 

I prefer Lobo Part 1 than Imortal (sequel of Lobo) because there is so much excitement in the storyline. 




Angela and Anna's mother, Stella (Dimples Romana), was a seamstress while their father, Manuel (James Blanco/Mark Gil), went to Milan to work. While in Milan, Manuel met and fell in love with a wealthy model and a fashion designer named Vera Cruz (Alessandra De Rossi/Angel Aquino). When Manuel went back to the Philippines, Stella got very angry at him because he never replied to her letters. Manuel explained the situation and Stella just set him free to his new woman. Soon, Manuel decided to leave his wife and children to live with Vera. Angela and Anna witnessed Manuel and Vera hugging; this led to a confrontation between Anna and Vera where Vera pushed and injured Anna. In tears, Anna returned home and showed her wounded arm to her mother and later, Stella went to Vera's house to confront her but Vera avoided her. As Vera drove away, Stella was accidentally hit and killed by an oncoming vehicle; Anna was there to witness the tragedy unfold. Anna confronted Vera that resulted in her miscarriage leaving her unable to have children. This cemented the feud between the two.

Orphaned and on the run from people trying to place them into an orphanage, Angela and Anna lived on streets. Angela soon gets sick from eating garbage and was rushed to the hospital by her older sister, Anna. To earn money, the 15-year-old Anna worked as a prostitute. One day, she returned to the hospital only to see that it was on fire, with her sister nowhere to be found and most likely dead. As it turns out, Angela was actually kidnapped by men who made children work as beggars on the streets. This is where Angela became friends with a little boy, "Dos" (the future Louie), who was also a captive. Devastated and alone, Anna was adopted by Ronaldo Valera, a famous fashion designer (Robert Arevalo). She was renamed Victoria Valera and was sent abroad, studied fashion design and became a supermodel.

Angela was adopted by a couple in the textile district of Manila, Divisoria and renamed her Gelai Agustin. She continues both her and her sister's dreams of becoming top Philippine designers. Since she doesn't remember much about her childhood she aspires to be a junior designer at Vera Couture, Vera Cruz's fashion house. Victoria Valera arrives back from Paris to start her revenge. She wants to steal Vera's place as the "Queen of Philippine Fashion" and tries to take over Vera's company; all in the name of keeping her and her sister's dreams alive. But what will happen if the budding designer, Gelai and the new queen of fashion, Victoria, clash? Vera will use this opportunity to topple down the sisters by using the man they both love, Louie and her business schemes to place herself again as the fashion queen but in the end, the sisters will prove that blood is always thicker than water and only forgiveness could heal all the wounds of the past.


International Recognitions

2011 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards

2011                Magkaribal                   Best TelenovelaNominated

The phenomenal fashion series “Rivals” (Magkaribal), top-billed by Gretchen Barretto and Bea Alonzo are among the finalists in the newly introduced Best Telenovela category of the 2011 New York Festivals® International TV and Film Awards.

The report also revealed that Magkaribal, which stars Gretchen Barretto and Bea Alonzo, has been dubbed in French. It is currently airing in French-speaking territories as Rivales.

It will also be shown in France,  Malaysia, & Africa.  
USA, Canada, Guam, Middle East via TFC (The Filipino Channel)


In a Filipino acting portrayals, it is always expected that the actors/actresses  make a real slapping scenes, and that is where they are good at to make stories on screen come alive. Check out how Angel Aquino showed off a great performance as a Fashion Diva who is rude, hypocrite, and insane! World class Filipino fashion is always the center of attention. 



2010 MARA CLARA remake of 1992 original series


Mara and Clara,both born on the same day were switched after birth by Karlo David,Gary David's young brother who was working at the hospital the children were born at as a janitor.Though it is noted that Karlo was only following Gary's orders and lived a life of guilt knowing that he deprived Mara of her real parents. Mara lived as the poor daughter of the couple Susan and Gary David and Clara, their real daughter, was brought up by the rich Amanthe and Alvira del Valle. The good-natured del Valle couple takes in Mara as a servant and decides to spend for her education not knowing that she is their real daughter.Clara makes life for Mara difficult. But, as time progresses, they found their true identity in the spotlight.The two children find it hard to accept the truth.The del Valle couple swear to fight to keep Clara and also take back Mara,so does Susan promise to not give up Mara but a court verdict orders both children to be returned to their real parents.Clara then develops much more hatred for Mara blaming her for stealing her popularity in school,Christian and eventually her parents and vows to make her life more miserable.

International Broadcast

Other than Canada & USA.

TV3, a Malaysian television network, bought the rights to broadcast the series Malaysia. It is subtitled in Malay. And in Indonesia and Vietnam.

CountryAlternate title/translationTV network(s)AirdateWeekly schedule
 UgandaMara ClaraBukedde TV 12012 - 2013Wednesday-Friday at 20:30
 TanzaniaMara ClaraStar TV2012 -2013Tuesday,Friday, Saturday & Sunday 21.00



(Episodes to be extended)
Highest rating morning romantic-comedy-drama series in the history
of Philippine Television since 2012

A simple girl, Maya De La Rosa (Jodi Sta. Maria), her older sister, Cristina Rose, and Cristina's son are introduced as tour guides for their hometown, San Nicolas with their mother running a souvenir shop. Money is often less than the living expenses and household repairs. Cristina hopes to work at sea while Maya dreams to become a flight stewardess. One rainy night, after an attempt to fix the roof, Cristina breaks her leg thus unable to complete her schooling to become a sea woman. With a large medical bill, the future and current expenses, Maya deemed it necessary to work overseas for two years to help her family. Upon arrival in Manila, Maya discovers that the woman who had offered work overseas had swindled her. Maya is stuck in Manila with no money or place to go. Relentless, Maya allows no one to stop her, not even the handsome, wealthy widower Richard Lim (Richard Yap), who reminds her of shortcomings.

Ironically, Richard is her last hope because of his influence in the Airline Industry. He offers Maya to become his children’s temporary nanny in exchange for his help. Maya succumbs to the condition. Upon entering the Lim home, she finds herself involved in the private lives of Richard and his three problematic children: Luke (Jerome Ponce), Nikki (Janella Salvador) and Abby (Mutya Orquia).

Maya realizes that since Richard’s wife died, the family’s joy died with her hence their problems. Maya tasked to bridge Richard to his children and eventually, she succeeds in rebuilding the family. However, in repairing their broken hearts, Maya encounters bigger challenges that test her determination and more importantly, her heart. While fulfilling her condition, she falls in love with the Lim children and, admittedly, with Richard.






Budoy  is a Philippine drama television series that premiered on ABS-CBN.
It tackles the story of Budoy, who is mentally challenged, and his family, relationships and social issues. It topbills Gerald Anderson,  Jessy Mendiola  andEnrique Gil. The theme song was "Saan Darating Ang Umaga" sung by Angeline Quinto produced by Jonathan Manalo.
The show ended on March 9, 2012. The show is notable for the main character's catchphrases such as "Hello, ako Budoy!" (Hello, I'm Budoy) and "Jackie, gusto mo BJ?" (Jackie, you like BJ?), with the latter phrase being mistaken as a double-meaning line.

The show also gained some stir among online communities as the portrayal of Gerald Anderson of Budoy is somewhat similar toLeonardo DiCaprio's character Arnie in the movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape with Johnny Depp.

Awards and Nominations

201234th Catholic Mass Media AwardsBest Drama SeriesCast and crewWon
20132013 New York Television and Film FestivalsBest Drama SeriesCast And CrewNominated

International Broadcast

CountryAlternate Title/TranslationTV network(s)Series BroadcastWeekly ScheduleTimes
 MalaysiaBudoyAstro BellaOctober 2012 – presentMonday to Friday8:00 PM
 JapanBudoyTV TokyoJune 2013Monday to Friday10:00 PM

My Take:

There is an episode where Budoy gave a speech in his family's party and that episode was tear-jerking. 



May Bukas Pa (lit. There Is Still Tomorrow) is a Philippine drama series which started long-airing on February 2, 2009  at ABS-CBN. The show's run was extended multiple times until its end run on February 5, 2010.

Santino (Zaijian Jaranilla), an orphan adopted by monks, has a supernatural friend called "Bro". Santíno and Bro have a series of adventures in the fictional town of Bagong Pag-Asa where they help others with their problems.


Due to the show's ratings, ABS-CBN's management has decided to extend it for 20 weeks instead of the initial eight weeks. On June 23, 2009, ABS-CBN television head Cory Vidanes announced that the show would be extended until April/May 2013.

The finale posted a whopping 47.3% national household rating according to Kantar Media/TNS.


Entertainment columnist Nestor Torre of The Philippine Daily Inquirer said "It must have been a big decision for the new show’s producers to get away from that downbeat view of life and come up with this Marcelino Pan Y Vino-inspired tale. But it’s great to note that the gamble has paid off in a big way: May Bukas Pa has been enjoying very good ratings, proving what we’ve been saying all this time--that viewers want to be inspired by the dramas they watch.." 


20091st MTRCB TV AwardsSpecial Award for Promoting Moral ValuesWon
2009Seoul International Drama AwardsBest Drama SeriesNominated
2009Catholic Mass Media AwardsBest Drama (tied with Tayong Dalawa)Won
2009ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice AwardsPop Kapamilya New Face (Zajian Jaranilla)Won
2009ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice AwardsPop Kapamilya TV ShowNominated
200918th KBP Golden Dove AwardsBest Primetime Drama SeriesWon
2009PMPC Star Awards for TelevisionBest Primetime Drama SeriesWon
2009PMPC Star Awards for TelevisionBest Male New TV Personality (Zajian Jaranilla)Won
2009PMPC Star Awards for TelevisionBest Drama Actor (Albert Martinez)Nominated
20108th Gawad TanglawSpecial Jury Award for TelevisionWon
20108th Gawad TanglawNatatanging Gawad TANGLAW para sa Sining ng Telebisyon (Zaijan Jaranilla)Won
2010Box-Office Entertainment Awards[17]TV Program of the YearWon
2010Box-Office Entertainment AwardsTV Director of the Year (Jojo Saguin)Won
2010Box-Office Entertainment AwardsChild Performer of the Year (Zaijan Jaranilla)Won

May Bukas Pa also received a special award at the 2009 Catholic Mass Media Awards (besides its Best Drama award), given by Cardinal Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales. The special award was received by lead star Zaijian Jaranilla and the supporting actors who play priests (who also wore cassocks for the occasion).
Also Anak TV Seal Awards Most Admired Program & also Zaijian Jaranilla as Male Makabata Awardee.

My Take:

Trust me, everyday that we watch this show, we were always in tears. A very inspiring show that will make your heart melt and become conscientious in each life's situation.  




Lovers in Paris is the Philippine remake of the 2004 hit Koreanovela series Lovers in Paris.

Lovers in Paris is a Korean drama that first aired in 2004 on SBS with actress Kim Jung-Eun in the title role, Park Shin-Yang as Carlo and Lee Dong-Gun as Martin. The series had a total of 20 episodes.


ABS-CBN aired the series, dubbed into Tagalog, on its international broadcast armTFC in 2007, making it the first non-Philippine produced live action drama series to air on the channel. Beginning February 11, 2008, ABS-CBN included the series on its online video on demand service, making it the first non-Philippine produced series to be made available through the service. It became successful and even on its Sister International Network The Kapamilya Channel. Lovers In Paris aired on Sundays as a rerun due to its popularity.


Considered to be the first primetime teleserye of KC Concepcion, who plays the role of Vivian, a young woman dreams of becoming a film director in Paris. It also showcases her first team-up with the Philippine hearthrob Piolo Pascual who plays Carlo. Other stars include Zanjoe Marudo as Martin, who is the other man in Vivian's life; veteran actors Christopher de LeonMark Gil and Assunta de Rossi.


Lovers in Paris follows the story of three people who will discover the complexities of love. For Carlo, love is but a responsibility. For Vivian, love is the greatest thing to give and to receive. For Martin, love is self-gratification. Despite their different views, these three will learn go through a life-changing experience when their paths cross in Paris.
After her father dies, Vivian attempts to fulfill her father’s greatest dream and she attends film school in Paris. To keep up with her expenses, and financially help her family in the Philippines, she also takes part time jobs. In her hotel job, she unexpectedly gets locked up inside the function room. The following morning, Carlo accidentally finds her sleeping under the table, thus causing her immediate dismissal. To make matters worse, she learns that her landlady locked up her room due to her inability to pay the rent. Vivian gets a new job after accidentally bumping into a Filipino in Paris who is looking for a maid for his boss; and upon learning this, Vivian immediately volunteers to take the job. To keep her new source of income, Vivian tries to be as creative as possible to impress her still-unidentified boss; but unfortunately, instead of gaining her superior’s confidence, she ends up getting on his nerves, thus causing her immediate dismissal. The action continues in France, and then moves back to the Philippines.


  • Piolo Pascual  as Carlo Aranaz - is an uptight businessman who hires Vivian to pose as his fiancee.
  • KC Concepcion  as Vivian Vizcarra - is a student in Paris who works as a maid for Carlo.
  • Zanjoe Marudo as Martin Aranaz Barrameda - is a drummer in a bar band and is Carlo’s nephew.
  • Christopher de Leon as Chairman George Aranaz - is Carlo's father and a strict business tycoon.
  • Maricar Reyes as Karen Roxas - is the rich ex-wife of Carlo who still loves him.
  • Assunta De Rossi as Eunice Gatus - is a former classmate of Vivian in an arranged engagement to Carlo made by his father and her parents while he was still in Paris.

  • Mark Gil as John Palma - works as an accountant in the company of Chairman Aranaz
  • Rachel Anne Wolfe as Louise Aranaz Barrameda - is the elder sister of Carlo and Martin’s mother who keeps a dark secret
  • K Brosas as Michelle - is the loud best friend of Vivian.
  • Hyubs Azarcon as Joon - is the loyal assistant of Carlo.
  • Ching Arellano as Popoy - is the uncle and guardian of Vivian.
  • Aaron Junatas as Keon - is the cousin of Vivian.
  • Maria Isabel Lopez as Julia Francisco-Gatus - mother of Eunice.
  • Matthew Aquino as Alex Gatus - father of Eunice who is also a congressman.


  • Savannah Lamsen as Innah Fernandez
  • Dionne Monsanto as Jennifer "Jenny"
  • Daisy Cariño as Carla
  • Manuel Chua as Albert Samaniego
  • Zaira dela Peña as Carlene

  • Soliman Cruz as MacArthur "Mac" Vizcarra
  • Jacob Dionisio as Young Carlo
  • Sophia Baars as Young Vivian
  • Melissa Mendez as Rowena Vizcarra
  • Alwyn Uytingco as Dennis, Louise's boyfriend
  • Jubail Andres as Bartender in Philippines
  • Digna Roosevelt as Bridge
  • Kevin Viard as hotel owner
  • Marvin Raymundo as Bartender
  • John Tagle as Mr. Loxen
  • Daniel Revilla as Renzo Barrameda


The theme song of the show is "Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin" (lit. "Never ever say") which is the same song used in the Tagalog-dubbed original version of Lovers in Paris. In the original, Kitchie Nadal sang the song, however in this remake, the show's soundtrack has two versions, the female version is sung by lead actress, KC Concepcion (used in commercials) and the other is a duet by KC with Piolo Pascual, used in the show.



Walang Hanggan (My Eternal) 2012

Whoever said that “the only constant thing in the world is change” must not have known love of the eternal kind.

My Eternal” narrates the poignant story of love and revenge that spans three family generations. All of which were witnessed by the hill that overlooks the wineries of the Montenegro and Alcantara families. And based on what it has seen, the hill could attest that time and tribulations can transform anything except eternal love.

Marco, the heir to the Montenegro’s winery falls in love with their worker’s daughter Emily. His mother Margaret feels strongly against this relationship and makes sure they don’t end up together. She puts Emily in prison and her grandchild up for adoption while Marco builds a family with another woman. Emily vows to return for revenge and will do whatever it takes to be rich like the Montenegros. Meanwhile, Emily and Marco’s son Daniel grows up in the vineyard beside the Montenegro’s not knowing his real identity. He comes to know a pure and eternal kind of love with Katerina. Unfortunately, she is the girl bound to marry Marco’s legitimate son Nathan. Filled with hurt when Katerina marries Nathan, Daniel is forced to leave. Like his mother Emily, Daniel vows to seek revenge on those who caused him pain. Mother and son are reunited with the purpose of exacting revenge on the Montenegros, both unaware of the real tie that binds them. More complications arise when Daniel discovers the truth about where he came from.


The series is loosely based on the 1991 Gomez-Zulueta film Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit, a film based on the Emily Brontë novel, Wuthering Heights. The drama became a huge hit maintaining the top spot in viewer ratings for most of its run, with its final episode on October 26, 2012 attaining its highest rating of 45.4% nationwide.


The final episode of "Walang Hanggan" drew in a record-breaking 45.4% nationwide audience share, topping its previous all-time highest rating of 44.5%. On social networking sites, "Walang Hanggan" also captivated netizens, as it quickly became the most talked-about topic online. The soap's title became the No. 1 trending topic worldwide on micro-blogging site Twitter during the final episode's airing. According to a release, “Walang Hanggan” became the only Philippine drama of 2012 to have surpassed the 40% margin, registering a whooping of 41% on May 23. On June 15, the drama registered a 41.4% ratings share and on June 29 posted 44.7% ratings share based on the Kantar Media-TNS data.



South Korea through KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)

After its successful run, ABS-CBN sold the rights of the series outside of the country under its English title My Eternal. KBS2 of South Korea was the first to claim the rights of airing the series locally.
Also, it will be shown in Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa and Cambodia.

Country/RegionChannelPremiere dateTitle in Country
South Korea South KoreaKBS22013가 을동화 (My Eternal)
Malaysia MalaysiaAstro Bella2013My Eternal
Tanzania TanzaniaStar TV2013My Eternal


ABS-CBN took advantage of the show's popularity to partner with local jeweler Karat World to produce an "infinity ring," a special ring shaped like intertwined infinity loops. The rings are available in 14-karat solid yellow gold, 14-karat solid white gold, and silver 925. Each ring also has an “infinity marking” and a 585-stamping “to signify its gold purity." They also released infinity necklaces and earrings.



Huwag Ka lang Mawawal topbilled by Soap Opera Queen, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala powerhouse cast: Susan Africa, Tirso Cruz III, Coney Reyes, Matet De Leon, Mylene Dizon, John Estrada, Judy Ann Santos, Sam Milby, KC Concepcion, Joseph Marco, Empress and Bryan Termulo

Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala (Lit. Just Don't Leave Me / EnglishAgainst All Odds) is a Philippine television drama broadcast on ABS-CBN and worldwide on TFC.

In Celebration of 60 Years of Philippine Television headed by ABS-CBN'S Network initial offering for Primetime Television, the series serves as a comeback for the Queen of Philippine Soaps Judy Ann Santos as she is the face of each female who goes against all odds to face what is definitely hers the story revolves on the protagonist Annisa Panaligan as she discovers that the beautiful life showered by her husband Marcus Sam Milby will lead her to a dark path of fear for her life as he leads a life of mystery and deceit that will prevent her to protect the life of her own.

It serves as a comeback for The Queen of Philippine Soap Opera, Judy Ann Santos, with Sam Milby and KC Concepcion. It is a dark melodrama involving women fighting adversity in life and marriage.

Main Cast

Supporting Cast


31.2% (8:30-9:15PM timeslot)

32.5% (9:15–10:00 pm timeslot)


Anessa Panaligan is a strong woman and a loving daughter who would do everything for the sake of her family. Amidst all the trials that she is facing, Anessa will meet and fall in love with Eros Diomedes, a rich young man who will turn her life into a nightmare. Adding to the nightmare is Anessa's vicious in-laws, who can't accept Anessa as their son's wife, and Eros' childhood bestfriend, Alexis, who will do anything in her power to separate Anessa and Eros and make sure he is hers.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

My Take:
Another blockbuster TV Drama that captures spousal harrassment or household abuse. You can expect how the female lead fights for respect and what is rightfully hers. Expect more secrets, lies, betrayals as the story prolongs. 



Muling Buksan ang Puso (Open Your Heart Once More)

Muling Buksan Ang Puso (EnglishUnlock The Love Again) is a Philippine television drama broadcasting on ABS-CBN and worldwide on The Filipino Channel

 It stars an ensemble castspanning three generations lead by Enchong DeeEnrique Gil, and Julia Montes in a heart-wrenching story about the beauty and the dark side of love. It is the fourth television drama in the Philippines made by ABS-CBN to be filmed and broadcast in high definition.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Special Participation


The series has captivated more viewers nationwide after it hit its all-time high national TV ratings of 30.4% on July 24, 2013 based on data from Kantar Media Philippines covering urban and rural homes nationwide. It peaked 32.7% on August 2.

My Take:  This drama has so much emotions.  I salute Ms. Susan Roces, portrying the wealthy grandmother, who was so great in acting like a tigress.  The expression of her face and the tone of her voice in every emotion that she exposes seem real... and scary.  This is the first time that I have seen her act this way and it was incredible!  I am sure that she will win an award for her portrayal and great acting. 

Enchong Dee had also evolved into a very good actor.  His shift from a matinee idol to his portrayal in this drama as a man who got lost because of lack of attention and love from the people he cared about, turns out to be admirable.  

Piolo Pascual who had portrayed a role of a man who had lost his sanity in a drama anthology, Gerald Anderson who was a pretty boy turned bad boy in his portrayal as a hired hitman in OTJ movie, Sam Milby who showed promise in his portrayal as an abusive husband to his wife but a loving father to his children in a tv drama, and now, Enchong Dee, who tried acting as a bully in a drama series -- all had succeeded in showing tremendous improvement and were not afraid to become experimental by portraying different characters that impressed the avid viewers. 


(An adaptation of the original Mexican Telenovela of Thalia: Maria Mercedes)

GALEMA, Anak ni Zuma
(Galema: Snake Queen)



   Basta't Kasama Kita /2003-2004/ As Long As I'm With You
    Starring- Robin Padilla and Judy Ann Santos
    Aired in: USA
    TV Channel: AZN- TV

  Bituin /2002-2003/ Star
    Starring: Nora Aunor, Carol Banawa, Cherie Gil, Desiree Del Valle
    Aired In:(8 Countries) Malaysia- Astro Bella, Vietnam- TV Today, Cambodia- My TV, Cameroon- My TV Africa, Ghana- My TV Africa, Kenya- My TV Africa, Tanzania- My TV Africa, Zambia- My TV Africa


    Prinsesa Ng Banyera /2007-2008/ Fish Port Princess
    Starring: Kristine Hermosa, Angelika Dela Cruz, Ara Mina, Tj Trinidad, Rafael Rosell
    Aired In: Malaysia- Astro Bella- 2010- Weedays

   Dahil May Isang Ikaw /2009-2010/ Destined Hearts
    Starring: Kristine Hermosa, Jericho Rosales, Karylle, Sid Lucero
    Aired In: Malaysia-Astro Bella

  Gulong Ng Palad /2006/ Stand For Love
    Starring: Kristine Hermosa, Tj Trinidad, Andrea Del Rosario, Cherie Gil
    Aired In: Malaysia- Astro Bella- 2013

  Impostor /2010/ Impostor
    Starring: Maja Salvador, Sam Milby, Melai Cantiveros
    Aired In: Malaysia- Astro Bella, 2013

 Iisa Pa Lamang /2008/ My Only One
    Starring: Claudine Barretto, Diether Ocampo, Angelica Panganiban, Gabby Concepcion
    Aired In: Malaysia- Astro Bella

       Katorse /2009-2010/ Fourteen
     Starring: Erich Gonzales, Enchong Dee, Xian Lim, Ejay Falcon
     Aired In: (3) Malaysia- Astro Bella, Singapore- Channel 5, Uganda- NTV Uganda

  Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay /2002-2003/ The Long Wait
      Starring: John Loyd Cruz, Lorna Tolentino, Rica Peralejo, John Estrada
      Aired In: (2) Malaysia, Turkey

      Sa Piling Mo /2006/ Here With Me
      Starring: Judy Ann Santos, Piolo Pascual
      Aired In: Kenya
 Sana'y Wala Ng Wakas /2003-2004/ Timeless
      Starring: Kristine Hermosa, Jericho Rosales, Diether Ocampo, Angelika Dela Cruz
      Aired In: (10) Singapore- Sensansi Channel, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ghana, Zambia, Madagascar, Brunei


1. Be Careful With My Heart /2012-present/ Be Careful With My Heart
    Starring: Jodi Sta. Maria, Richard Yap
    Soon to air in Malaysia


Posted August 08, 2013


International Broadcasts

CountryAlternate title/translationTV network(s)AirdateWeekly schedule
 UgandaShe WolfBukedde TV 1January - May 2013Thursday-Friday at 17:30


SHE WOLF: The Last Sentinel

Lobo (TV series) to be aired in Masan MBC (Korea TV Chanel) this 2013!

Imortal (TV Series) to be aired also in MBC Korea on the year 2014!

Awards and Recognitions

200822nd PMPC Star Awards for TelevisionBest Primetime Drama SeriesWon
200822nd PMPC Star Awards for TelevisionBest Drama Actor (Piolo Pascual)Won
200822nd PMPC Star Awards for TelevisionBest Drama Actress (Angel Locsin)Nominated
20087th Gawad TanglawBest Primetime Drama SeriesWon
2008Anak TV Seal AwardsMost Well-Liked TV ProgramWon
2009BANFF World Television FestivalBest Telenovela ProgramWon
200937th International Emmy AwardsBest Performance by an Actress (Angel Locsin)Nominated
2010National Commission for Culture and the Arts of the PhilippinesRecognition (Angel Locsin)Won


ABS-CBN’s top-caliber drama “Destined Hearts” (Dahil May Isang Ikaw), starring Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa is one of the finalists in the newly introduced Best Telenovela category of the New York Festivals® International TV and Film Awards.


The series stars Sam Milby and Maja Salvador. This is about people who got into an accident and end up changing faces.

Main Cast

  • Sam Milby as Anthony Florencio - Handsome, successful, rich and has a good body-built. He's the president of one of the biggest land developers in the country. Anthony inherited his position from his parents that is why he has a thirst to prove himself, pushing him to be more focused with work making him a workaholic. Anthony never smiles and is too serious all the time. He's hot tempered but when it comes to his son, he mellows down easily.
  • Maja Salvador as Mariz Benitez-Florencio and Devina "Devin" Ventura (2nd)- A woman blessed with a lot of things: a beautiful face, a perfect figure, the popularity of a model and the wife of the president of a land developer company.
  • Melai Cantiveros as Devina "Devin" Ventura and Mariz Florencio (2nd) - Even though Devin is not endowed with physical beauty she is a smart woman. She is free spirited though sometimes clumsy. She is jolly and is not ashamed of the face that she was born with; her friends and family accept her for who she is. Devin is also a kind daughter and a loyal friend. She wears her clothes in a simple manner but she is a big fan of the model: Mariz Florencio. She sings a lot and is also a vendor at a market. A Fake Woman who will Borrow the love of Anthony to the real Mariz that she's pretending to be, She and Mariz are Challenged to the Win.
  • Jason Francisco as Popoy Calantiao - Happy-go-lucky, a nice friend, determined and one who has strong principles. Popoy is the best friend of Devin. He's playful, a joker but also a very down-to-earth person. Devin was his childhood friend. He became cheerful because of Devin that is why when she went missing he did not stop searching for her and kept hope alive in his heart that one day they would meet again. He's keeping a secret love for Devin.
  • Precious Lara Quigaman as Monique Benitez - A very determined and smart woman. She's beautiful and also gifted with a beautiful body. Monique is a perfectionist. She can be shallow and gets angry with unattractive people. She is also Mariz's older sister. She's the main villainess of the series.

Awards and Nominations

Impostor bagged a gold medal for being nominated under the Best Telenovela Category in the International Emmy Awards, along with Argentina's Contra las Cuerdas, Brazil'sDestiny River and Portugal's Lacos de Sangue.


Check The Philippines' Favorite TV Series Post

LATEST UPDATE (courtesy of ABS-CBN website)

Dahil May Isang Ikaw, with the English title Destined Hearts, will soon air in Malaysia and other countries in Asia. The teleserye stars Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa who were first seen in the teleserye Pangako Sa ‘Yo, which in the past ten years has remained and continues to make it big in numerous countries. Recently, Pangako Sa ‘Yo aired on China’s national television and rated second over all local and foreign programs airing in the country. The teleserye even hit the Top 30 list in China’s national weekly rankings, covering over 2,000 channels and capturing 1.3 billion viewers. Pangako Sa ‘Yo (with the English title The Promise) was also previously aired successfully in Malaysia, SingaporeIndonesiaCambodia, and Africa. Non-Filipino viewers from these countries became instant fans of Jericho and Kristine.

Tayong Dalawa (The Two of Us) will also soon air in MalaysiaBrunei, and Kenya, with the English title The Two Of Us and will be dubbed in local languages. Tayong Dalawa was top-billed by the hot love team of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. Their first teleserye, Sana Maulit Muli, was also dubbed in Mandarin and shown in Taiwan with the English title Chances.

Lobo (She-Wolf: The Last Sentinel), which starred Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin, is currently aired in Brunei and will be released in Indo-ChinaAsiaEurope, and Africa this year. Lobo has earned international recognition, named Best Telenovela at the 30th BANFF World Television Festival in Toronto, while Angel bagged a Best Actress nomination from the International Emmy Awards. Lobo was released internationally as She-Wolf: The Last Sentinel.

Reena explained what makes ABS-CBN teleseryes a big hit among non-Filipino viewers. “In business conferences abroad, I always tell foreign clients [that the] Philippines was under Spanish rule for 300 years. From them we got our religion, Christianity, which had become the basis of our lives. This makes us unique from the rest of Asia. Kung sa ibang foreign dramas makikita niyo na ang laging tema e adult, tipong nagkapalit ng asawa, nagtaksil. Sa atin our dramas are more family-oriented and may values. Maraming countries kasi ang nakalimot na doon so through our programs naibabalik nila ‘yun.” (English Translation : In other foreign countries, usually in their tv series show, break-up, divorces, suicidal scenes, betrayal, adultery, etc. In our case, our dramas are  family-oriented and with values.  Many countries forget about those important parts so through our programs, they can bring those good values back.)

Also making it big abroad are other Kapamilya teleseryes Sana’y Wala Nang WakasMaging Sino Ka ManIt Might Be YouIisa Pa LamangIkaw Ang Lahat Sa AkinGulong Ng PaladPrinsesa ng BanyeraSa Piling Mo, and Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay (which was dubbed in French to cater to French-speaking regions in Europe and Asia). Over the past 15 years, around 30 ABS-CBN dramas have been dubbed and aired in 15 countries in Asia, five in Europe, and in Africa. These series were dubbed for 12 French-speaking countries, 15 English-speaking countries, and five Portuguese-speaking countries.

(to be continued...)


  1. I am going to be moving to the Philippines and I found some very interesting information on your blog. I love watching the best current tv shows and the recommendations and reviews were very useful.

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