Sunday, March 31, 2013


Why did I choose "My Dream Life" as the name of my blog?  It is because I like living in my dreams. Dreams are my reality. They cover up whatever I am feeling inside me. If your plans don't work out the way you want it, you just wished they had, so you make it work just by dreaming that they had. And that makes you smile and makes your life more hopeful.

Eversince I was young I have already been dreaming of so many things.  I have never been a materialistic person, so I never include those as part of the things that make me happy. But what makes me happy is by dreaming of things that I know would be the opposite of what I have, and those things that would be impossible to reach for. Just like when kids start dreaming of marrying their Prince Charming someday, or be like Barbie (the famous Barbie Doll), whose fashion sense and body figure have been the envy of many females growing up.

Speaking of growing up, I could never recall that I was aware of what I wanted in life. I never had a thought out plan in mind in order to reach for my goals, I was never interested in things or people who I want to meet someday or be with, nor have thought of any places that I wanted to go to. I was not even paying particular attention to myself.  In other words, I was just a plain person without any identity to show.

I only became aware of my surroundings when everything had slowly been showing me that LIFE is NOT FAIR.

Where am I interested in?

When I was in elementary, I was like a girl who was strong physically.  I ran faster, I never fuss about my appearance, I was not even careful on how I move or act when boys were around. I was only interested in reading magazines, reading Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys mystery books while hanging out in the library  during my freetime rather than mixing with my friends.

Then I started becoming interested in local tv series for growing up teens.  These were long running series such as Annaliza (who, in real life, died at 18 years old), a child who had grown to be a fine lady & had become an Idol of many Filipino girl teens because of the cute and handsome men who fell in love with her and fighting over trying to win her heart,  and Candy, Candy (a japanese cartoon).  Candy, Candy was a story of a cute girl who had been adopted by a rich family, and had met 3 equally good looking boys with different personalities. But one of those 3 was the kindest boy with an angelic face whom she loved the most, Anthony. Although at the end of the story, Anthony died. That made me cry.

Whatever I post in my blog would be the dream life you could guess for me. Now, I know who I am and what I want. I know what I want for my dream life. It is like an abstract painting, you may guess what kind of life I want if you put in different interpretations based on how you check on my posts.

I hope you enjoy checking on my blog for updates. 

If you are a foreigner, come to the Philippines, starting December to May.  Experience the wonders of our nature and the activities we have all year round.  IT IS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! Just don't leave your things unattended and do not be too trusting of nice strangers you meet on the streets or anywhere.  And do not let others carry your bags or watch over your things while you go somewhere to pick up something or whatever.  Actually, I am saying this not to destroy the reputation of the people in our country. I am only guiding you with these advise wherever and whichever countries you may plan to go to. The world is changing, and no country is free from crime-- be it small or already obvious.  In all honesty, Filipinos are the most hospitable and the most friendly, most understanding and most patient people in the world.  That is why a lot of tourists enjoy staying in our country and make it their first stop to spend a vacation. And Philippines is also the choice for Call Center investment and trading.


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